Road Reports

Tupelo Music Hall . Derry, New Hampshire, USA

By: Joanne Laroche
Show Date: 2/24/2018
Published: 3/16/2018
"Put these guys on your must see hard rock group list, you won't regret it."
There is something quite spectacular when you build up in your mind how to expect a band to perform and they manage to exceed those expectations. Y&T is one of those rare bands. Performing at such a high level when they have been around for so many decades, could almost be considered criminal.

For starters, leader Dave Meniketti sings so well, that it sounds exactly like you hoped that it would. His voice is in amazing shape and he is still able to reach those notes that any Y&T fan knows so well. His guitar playing is not too shabby either. You can see that he feels every note, he breathes them in.

The set list included a well arranged list of the all-time favorites such as "Meanstreak," "Black Tiger", and "Contagious". They also included newer songs in the mix and they fit in quite perfectly. The set list did feel a bit short, but when there is so much material to choose from there is never enough time to play them all.

The stage didn't leave much room for running around, but they were more than willing to play to their audience at every opportunity. Drum solo, guitar solo, you'll get that all in spades with Y&T.

Put these guys on your must see hard rock group list, you won't regret it.

These guys love what they do and their fans love them for it. (And it shows.)

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