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3 Average - Some good songs, some bad ones at about a half/half ratio.
2.5-2 Fair - Worth a listen, but best obtained by collectors.
1.5-1 Bad - Major problems with music, lyrics, production, etc.
0 Terrible - Waste of your life and time.

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Black Destiny
In Neo Noir
1/1/2005 - Review by: Eric Compton
Black Destiny - In Neo Noir - 2004 --EC

Track Listing
01. Carnival Of Fate
02. Carpe Noctem
03. Who I Am
04. Somewhere In The Darkness
05. Crimson Element
06. Chaisting Shadows
07. Call Of My Destiny
08. Red Angel
09. Renegade (Fallen Angel)
10. In Neo Noir
11. In Nomine Chaos
12. The Color Red
Germany's Black Destiny have done what few bands can accomplish these days. With the group's newest album, "In Neo Noir", the band have successfully crossed the new wave of dark, gothic acts like Sentenced and Darkseed, with the intelligent, powerful metal approach of the 80s. The ending result is a brand new breed of metal. One that stays true to form with the traditionalists of the world, but at the same time branches out to expand into more modern times.

Black Destiny, founded by guitarist Tim Funke, began their journey in 1994 with their first demo, a doomy slice of life called "Silent Breath". They followed this with "Silent Breath II" a year later. In 1997, the group unveiled their very first studio effort, "Black Destiny", which delivered a rather dark and frozen approach at German power metal. The band delved into deeper areas for influence, always keeping the power metal faithful happy, but adding in some uncommon elements for the genre. It was a great debut, and promised even greater things down the road.

After their first release, the group made a vocal change, picking up a young, charismatic frontman in Michael Seifert. Seifert is truly an amazing vocalist, sounding a bit like former Iced Earth vocalist Matthew Barlow, crossed with the high pipes of Rob Halford. His voice can carry many different flavors, from the emotional, ballad persona to the cold, northern sounds of "growling" singers. Few people can carry an album's mood with their voice, but with the band's second effort, "Black Is Where Our Hearts Belong", Seifert delivered a funeral like approach to his vocal lines.

The band's second record, released in 2000 by Iron Glory Records, raged at full speed, recalling the glory days of new wave of British heavy metal, but stopping momentarily to visit the more gloomy side of life. With classic tracks like "Creator Of Descent" and "Widow Black", Black Destiny created their own genre brand, a dark, rigid power metal emotion that sparkled with a deep desire to be so much more. Far from the "romanticism" so many "gothic" themed bands possess, Black Destiny went against the trends and remained true to their heavy metal roots, but still incorporated that gothic sense of songwriting into the mix. In 2001 Seifert also did a side project called Xiron for Iron Glory Records. They released one album called "Turn To Stone", which was a very good true metal record.

In 2002, Seifert became the vocalist for Uwe Lulis' new band, Rebellion, which featured ex-Grave Digger members. Seifert sang on their debut record, "Shakespeare's Macbeth: A Tragedy In Steel". Later in 2002, Black Destiny recorded an EP promo entitled "Carpe Noctum", which carried on much the same way the second album did, with plenty of dark overtones throughout the three tracks. Seifert went on to sing for Rebellion again on their second full-length, "Born A Rebel", before settling down to write and record the brand new Black Destiny album, "In Neo Noir".

"In Neo Noir" was released in the summer of 2004, and showcases a band that have indeed mastered their craft. With a more mature approach at arrangements and songwriting, the band has improved their already dynamic fundamentals. Each track is carefully formulated to include dark atmosphere (ala King Diamond), modern influences ranging from death metal to gothic, and the traditional heavy metal sound one would expect from Germany. It is indeed an album that is sure to please metal fans of all genres. With slower paced momentum, a perfect vocal performance, and quality songs, "In Neo Noir" is destined to be album of the year for metal publicists worldwide.

--EC 01.01.05


Black is Where Our Hearts Belong
Iron Glory
Eric Compton9/25/2004
In Neo Noir
Eric Compton1/1/2005

Michael SeifertEric Compton9/14/2004

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