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Acts Of Insanity
Escapi Music
7/21/2006 - Review by: Eric Compton
Speed/Kill/Hate - Acts Of Insanity 2006 - Escapi Music

Track Listing
1. Walls of Hate
2. Setting Me Off
3. Violence Breeds
4. Slay the Enemy
5. Won't See Fear
6. Face the Pain
7. Revelation At War
8. Not For Me
9. Repent
Burning down the road in a street machine of steel! That might be a lyric left for another mighty thrash band, but for this scorching new metal band nothing fits better than that "hot rod from Hell" lyrical representation. Speed/Kill/Hate storms onto the metal scene with their solid debut album, aptly titled "Acts Of Insanity". This is completely over the top and laced with enough steel and barb-wire to break down even the most impenetrable mainstream fortress. While so many modern bands are obsessed with speed, groove, and a hardcore attitude and stance, this north eastern band goes back to the "Clash Of Titans" days with a speed killer guitar frenzy, moving at mach speed and lighting up strings and necks in pursuit of excellence.

The backstory to this band is a fairly interesting read. The band was founded by Overkill guitarist Dave Linsk, who wrote most of these songs in hopes that DD and Blitz would use them on an Overkill record. Obviously Overkill has stopped playing this fast, with their new direction taking on more of a groove oriented affair, so Linsk took the songs and formed his own band. As of this review I cannot confirm whether Linsk is still in Overkill or not. Their revolving door spins too often for me to keep up with. The group also features drummer Tim Mallare, a highly under-rated skinsman who spent thirteen years behind the kits for Overkill. At the time of this recording Mallare was still a member of Overkill, but since then has left the band for personal reasons. "Acts Of Insanity" actually came out in 2004 through Listenable Records, and now the record is finally seeing US distribution through Escapi Music, home to bands like Force Of Evil and Eidolon.

I don't believe there is a thrash band out today that plays quite this tight and fast, with every single element intensified and razor sharp. The group concentrate on speed metal fury, enhanced by Linsk's fine solo playing (which has really helped the last couple of Overkill releases). Think of early Testament and Megadeth crossed with a mid-era Overkill sound and a modern Kreator feel. Vocalist Mario (Anger On Anger) is like Chuck Billy dipped in acid, really aggressive and beat-down mean in his demeanor and delivery. The production is crystal clear courtesy of Linsk, who does a fantastic job keeping everything tight and equal while still giving such a large amount of sound to Mallare's barbaric double-bass.

Highlights here are the war-like chants of "Won't See Fear", the insane drum patterns of "Face The Pain", and in your face opener "Walls Of Hate".

Note - The band has just finished up an early summer '06 tour with Vader, Destruction, Kataklysm, Graveworm, and The Absence, otherwise known as The Metal Crusaders Tour.

--EC 6.26.06


Acts Of Insanity
Escapi Music
Eric Compton7/21/2006


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