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1.5-1 Bad - Major problems with music, lyrics, production, etc.
0 Terrible - Waste of your life and time.

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Act Of Aggression
Karmageddon Records
2/3/2005 - Review by: Eric Compton
Scenteria - Act Of Aggression 2005 Karmageddon Media

Track Listing
1. Acts of Lunacy
2. Circle of Fear
3. Forever Lost
4. Infected War
5. Addicted
6. Dead Point of View
7. Blackend
8. Reign of Hate
9. The Abyss
This sort of sound is really fading fast for me. As I've mentioned a hundred times before the Gothenburg/Hardcore connection is really starting to run its course. Like base stealing legend Ricky Henderson, the time has come to hang up the hat. The record labels continue to push and strive for this type of sound, going into every corner of the world to bring this type of sound to MTV and corporate radio. Some bands do this sound well, and with enough production they can achieve a small rotation in my player. But for the most part this stuff just goes through the motions, capturing the same riffs and grooves that we have heard countless times before.

So with that said I introduce yet another clone band, this particular In Flames/At The Gates/Dark Tranquillity/The Haunted clone is calling themselves Scenteria. This Swedish band was formed in 2002 by Niklas Pettersson and Stefan Persson and after three demos the band was discovered by Karmageddon Media. Their debut album, "Act Of Aggression" has been released to the masses and I really have to say this doesn't do a whole lot for me. Really Scenteria could fit a number of current niches in today's metal market. At times "Act Of Aggression" fits into the Gothenburg/Hardcore scene, while other times the band could fit the modern thrash sounds of Kreator and Slayer. Either way this sound has been heard far too many times already to really captivate me. But I will stress that this is done quite well. Scenteria are extremely tight and deadly accurate. Their stomp riffs and drums are comparable to the likes of Killswitch Engage and The Haunted in that respect. The group get a great production job out of Slaughter House Studios and occasionally the band come off as rather clever. For the most part however this is today's metal 101, training bra metal for beginners.

Modern Kreator and Slayer fans will eat up tracks like "Infected War", "Acts Of Lunacy", and "The Abyss". Occasionally the sounds of modern Destruction creep in. On the non-thrashy side of the fence lies the Gothenburg flavored cuts like "Circle Of Fear" and "Blackend". The middle part of the album is the strongest area for me. "Addicted" and "Dead Point Of View" really mix it up quite well, throwing in a huge dose of melody to make it interesting. That little break in the action is really the only part of the record that showcased the band's own individual thought patterns.

Highly recommended for fans of Headbanger's Ball. If you are looking for a really good thrash band try Hatework, Tankard, or Deceased for that matter.

--EC 02.04.05


Act Of Aggression
Karmageddon Records
Eric Compton2/3/2005


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