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King Diamond
Deadly Lullabyes (Live)
Metal Blade
9/30/2004 - Review by: Ken Pierce
King Diamond “Deadly Lullabyes - Live” Metal Blade 2004 - reviewed by: Ken Pierce

Track ListingCD1:
A Mansion In Darkness
The Family Ghost
Black Horsemen
Spare This Life
Mansion In Sorrow
Sorry Dear
Eye Of The Witch
Sleepless Nights
The Puppet Master
Blood To Walk
So Sad
Living Dead – “outro”
Welcome Home
The Invisible Guests
No Presents For Christmas
King Diamond has always been one of the most creative forces in heavy metal music. He has been this way for the past 20 years. Fortunately for the fans of his music we have an excellent example of the last tour he did. The CD is called “Deadly Lullabyes – Live” and this double CD piece showcases the King at his very best. The short North American tour was to support his latest CD entitled “The Puppet Master” which is a killer release with one of the creepiest stories King Diamond has ever come up with. It is worth looking for in addition to the live CD. Both can be found on Metal Blade’s website.

I would say that the part that I enjoy most about the CD is the fact that there is a good amount of his newest CD but not the entire piece. Some bands focus too much on the new stuff and avoid their older material. This CD differs as it also includes a nice long assortment of his solo material from the years. King Diamond does not do any Mercyful Fate material in this set, and as I discovered he normally will not perform it. He has far too much solo material, and there are so many key tracks that he cannot avoid playing in his set. To be honest, I would rather hear him do the Fate material with the members of Fate and leave his solo material to his killer band. For this CD and tour the lineup was as follows: Andy LaRoque & Mike Wead (Guitars), Hal Patino (Bass), Matt Thompson (Drums), Livia Zita (backing vocals) and of course King Diamond as Master Of Ceremonies.

The production for a live album is done very well. No instrument overpowers any other. King of course stands out the most and one would expect this. It was produced by Diamond and LaRoque, so the focus does not get lost and messed up by some external producer. The booklet inside is nicely laid out with many full color photos of the shows across the tour. All members are featured and one can see the various costumes worn by the Actress who performed along side the band while they played. Her hard work will be better appreciated when the DVD is available.

This CD comes with the highest of recommendations for fans of the King or just those who are looking for a great live metal album. The best part of this release is that a live DVD of the performance will also be available soon. As someone who attended the concert tour when it hit NYC, I can only say that you will be impressed. Simply listening to the CD gave me the chills once again as King Diamond is an excellent performer who delivers without fail time and time again. I am on my second listen to this piece and I know a third will follow fast. Look for it at the end of September.

King Diamond’s Official Website:

Rating: 9/10

--Ken Pierce 09.30.04

Deadly Lullabyes (Live)
Metal Blade
Ken Pierce9/30/2004
The Puppetmaster
Metal Blade(de)
Eric Compton11/11/2003


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