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1.5-1 Bad - Major problems with music, lyrics, production, etc.
0 Terrible - Waste of your life and time.

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Spiral Madness
The Berserk Crowning
7/15/2004 - Review by: Eric Compton
Spiral Madness - The Berserk Crowning 2004 Spiral Madness Records reviewed by: EC

Track Listing
1. Intro
2. Despair
3. Final Day
4. Spiral Madness
5. My Heart
6. Becoming Like Steel
7. One Question
8. Graveland
9. Wolfhearts
10. Helpless
11. My Reflection
12. World Is Ash
13. Faded Night
14. Misery Of Merciless
15. Koszmar (Bonus Track)
"The Berserk Crowning" is the newest compilation from Poland's Spiral Madness. Basically this "greatest hits" package consists of the band's best tracks from 1996 through 2003. The booklet doesn't really explain if these tracks are redone especially for this compilation, or if these songs are the original versions just repackaged for this album. After hearing the record in its entirety, it sounds like the songs were recorded around the same time, possibly in the same studio.

I've always had trouble with death metal acts. Either they are playing too fast and over the top, or they simply bore me with their overwhelming restrictions, mostly due to the limited capabilites death metal allows. Spiral Madness does a decent job here, as this is my first spin (no pun intended) through the band's material. This veteran group seems to be centered around straight-forward songs, with very little experimentation at all, instead soaking up the simplistic art of delivering heavy, chugging riffs throughout, and allowing very little technical craftmanship to shine through. I like that.

Unlike other bands of this genre, Spiral Madness just focus in one direction, much in the same style as seasoned acts like Benediction, Suffocation, and Bolt Thrower. This is in no way a technical band, instead the group manages to overthrow the death boundaries somewhat, mixing in a heavier grouping of speed, thrash, and death metal.

After a rather ambient intro, the band storm through a rapid-fire playlist of grinding death rompage, from the chaotic, tight mosh of "My Heart", to the Deicide flavored "Helpless", Spiral Madness do a good job keeping the listener interested. Vocalist/bassist Zephyr has a Benediction style growl, which is almost understandable at times. With Spiral Madness hailing from Poland, one can hear a small dose of Poland's leading metal band Vader in the speedy "Final Day".

"Wolfhearts" is the fastest number with its quick chops and fills, stopping momentarily for a break in the action courtesy of a smoking lead from guitarist Seler. The guitarist does a great job mid-way through "Despair", adding a nice dish of Maiden melody to slow things down. I wish there were more tracks like this, with more melody really needed at times, but its somewhat refreshing to see Spiral Madness creep away from the trends, playing fast thrash with very little harmony, something that can't be said for today's trendy acts like Shadow's Fall and Killswitch Engage.

This record is somewhat competitive, but still very refreshing for these power metal ears. Fans of Benediction, Altar, Vader, Bolt Thrower, Bludgeon, and Floridian metal, check this band out!

--EC 07.16.04

The Berserk Crowning
Eric Compton7/15/2004


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