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0 Terrible - Waste of your life and time.

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Twisted Sister
Live At Wacken
Hard Rock
7/25/2005 - Review by: Ken Pierce
Twisted Sister - Live At Wacken: The Reunion - 2005 - Spitfire Records

Track Listing
Track List CD:
1.Bad Boys Of Rock ‘n’ Roll
2.Born To Be Wild
3.I’ll Never Grow Up. Now!
4.You Know I Cry
5.You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll
6.What You Don’t Know Sure Can Hurt You
7.The Kids Are Back
8.Stay Hungry
9.Like A Knife In The Back
10.I Am, I’m Me
11.The Fire Still Burns

Track List DVD:
1.What You Don’t Know
2.In The Beginning
3.The Final Show – 1987 (Interviews)
4.The Kids Are Back
5.The Speaks Reunion (Interviews)
6.A Night For Jason (Interviews)
8.Like A Knife In The Back
9.TS on TV
10.The New York Steel Benefit (Interviews)
11.Under The Blade
12.Old School Returns (Interviews)
13.You Cant Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll
14.The Fire Still Burns
15.The U.S.O. Tour Of South Korea 4/2003 (Interviews)
16.Shoot ‘Em Down
17.We’re Not Gonna Take It
18.Festivals (Interviews)
19.The Price
20.Reflections (Interviews)
21.Burn In Hell
22.I Wanna Rock
23.Band Intro
I remember the initial sense of Metal excitement when Twisted Sisters Reunion was announced for the “NY Steel 9-11" Benefit Show”. They had been one of my very favorite bands for a long time and getting to see this classic N.Y.C. band perform again would be a treat for everyone who would be smart enough to catch them. This performance was followed up by the appearance of “Bent Brother” a band that featured all the members of the classic lineup of Twisted Sister who would be using this name to rehearse a set of music for a coming world tour as Twisted Sister. My Friends and I attended this show en masse at the famous L’Amour venue. I am happy to proclaim that this CD/DVD is perfect way to recapture the Reunion stuff they have done as well as hear some previously unavailable live music from the band archives.

Released as a dual disc this piece is a DVD on one side and CD on the other. This is a smart way for bands to get product into the audience hands these days as I feel it quells some of the bootlegging and downloading. It also seems to guarantees the item being purchased by fans of music video and audio alike. The CD portion is about 75 minutes long and includes music from Wacken in 2003 as well as a handful of numbers from 1980 and 1982. The numbers from 1980 are very classic to hear as this addition from Porchester NY was where some killer Sister live recordings were made. A lot of people might not realize that live concert broadcasts for Twisted were common place in their early years. Among my very favorite tracks are on this CD piece and those are “You Know I Cry” and “I’ll Never Grow Up Now”. It was very cool to have these tracks added to more recent stuff.

On watching the DVD portion which is done as a documentary and concert also you realize how much of a kick ass live band Twisted Sister was and still is after all these years. Once again wearing their signature makeup the group rockets through their most killer material such as “You Cant Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “The Fire Still Burns”. Dee Snider is clearly the most energetic of the entire group, and one would expect this of the outspoken and impressive front man. This DVD showcases his and the bands excitement and enthusiasm for Hard Rock and Metal music. It truly is a must have for any Traditional (I mean “Old School”) fan and newbie alike. The Kids Are Back alright, so check ‘em out.

--Ken Pierce 07.05.05


Live At Wacken
Ken Pierce7/25/2005
Still Hungry
Ken Pierce1/19/2005


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