Interview with Worm Womb vocalist Sharon "Maxie" Padd
by Rod T.

Rod T - Sharon, baby! I had no idea the singer for a band like Worm Womb could look so damn fine! How in the Hell did you get involved in this sort of thing?

Padd - Rod, you can call me Maxie. That's what my folks called me and I like it that way. Sharon sucks Rod! Worm Womb is the result of years and years of watching society slowly get eaten away by the scum of this world. Religion, war, and government are really the elements behind our songwriting. Musically we are influenced by Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, Deicide, Death, that sort of thing.

Rod T - How did you personally get involved though?

Padd - Ha! Well, I was in a relationship with....well....I was sexually active with Worm Womb's drummer Nick Barlow and his cousin Steve. They had put together an extreme death metal band back in 2003 and needed a vocalist....

Rod T - ...you said you were sexually active with the drummer AND his cousin? Did the two of them know that you were involved with both of them?

Padd - Rod, we live in California. They were cool with it.

Rod T - Holy shit.

Padd - You are so crazy man! Anyhoo, back to the subject at hand...

Rod T - ...funny you should mention hand right about now.

Padd - ANYHOO, they were looking for a singer and I knew the music really well and I was really getting into death metal music at the time....

Rod T - ...probably jamming while laying on your back I would assume?

Padd - MAN! Let's get past this nude thing Rod! You are flattering and I would love to hook up with you at a show or something but I want to talk about my Worm Womb band.

Rod T - Sure.

Padd - Anyhow I became the lead singer and we started doing shows together. We had Nick on drums, Steve on guitar, this guy Rexx on guitar, and I was singing. Since then we have replaced Rexx with Carl Mustavich and added an additional guitar player in Russ Springsteen.

Rod T - Your first album came out in early 2004 entitled "Crawling Inside Of You". What was the sound like at that time?

Padd - By then the band had started to mature musically and we started to incorporate faster blast beats and some structured groovy sections....

Rod T - You started getting more freaky, needing faster speeds out of your men, right?

Padd - Okay, just because I'm a female death metal singer doesn't mean sex, sex, sex.

Rod T - Sure it does. That is the whole point. Standing over the stage, boobs stuck out, hips swaying to that funky beat, baby you are all that and a bag of chips. Rod T needs a woman like you! Did you read my last Necrofile?

Padd - I'm gonna hang up.

Rod T - Okay, back to your album. Worm Womb released the second record in 2005 for Black Beats. Why did you choose that label?

Padd - Do you want to hear about that or do you want to talk about something else?

Rod T - I want to hear about it.

Padd - Black Beats was a small extreme label in Norway. They heard our first record and approached us for our second album, "Bloody & Wet". That album is probably our best effort. Great production from Stu Hansen at Woody Hills Studio here in Pasadena. We started doing more shows and we even played the Northwest Blitzkrieg Festival last summer with Doomsday Prophets Of Unknown Origin and the reunited Corpse Killer out of Oregon. The fan reaction was just incredible!

Rod T - What were you wearing?

Padd - Clothes! The deal with Black Beats fell apart last Fall though with the recording of our third album, which is still in the process of mixing. They just wanted too much money at the end.

Rod T - Okay, now it looks like Worm Womb is actually covering the huge '80s hit "Smooth Up In Ya" from the Bulletboys. When will that be released?

Padd - That was so awesome and I think fans will really dig the arrangement we put on it. I remember that song so well back in the day and really wanted to do a grind-core style cover of it. It will be out in May on a 7" limited to just 500 copies. Oh, and the vinyl will be red. Maximum Metal should carry it in the CD Store they have.

Rod T - Interesting.

Padd - So that just about covers it.

Rod T - Are you into girls too?

Padd - Nope. Just men that play instruments.

Rod T - I can play all right. I write the Necrofile columns for Maximum Metal. It is their best column.

Padd - Great! So anything else we need to cover?

Rod T - Nope.

Padd - Okay, well you can check out Worm Womb all over the West Coast. Our new album should be out my mid-summer and look for the 7".....

Rod T - You know I'm longer than that baby!

Padd - Okay, Rod. You probably are. Anyhoo, thanks a lot Maximum Metal and "Up The Wombs!"

Sharon 'Maxie' PaddRod T4/7/2006


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