Interview with Petri Kuusisto, guitarist for Asperity by EC

Hey Petri, thanks a lot for your time, Maximum Metal really appreciates it. Arise sent us a copy of Asperity's debut record, "The Final Demand", which is available on March 15, 2004. So tell me, how can a guy in an extreme death metal band like Carnal Forge, where you also play guitar, come up with material like this? Asperity plays melodic, power metal in the same vein as Dream Evil and Hammerfall with an emphasis on pioneer bands like Maiden. I can ever hear some darker, colder sounds like Sentenced at times too. Man, how do you switch gears like that and go for one extreme to the other?

It's not a problem for us because we listen to this kind of music too. I think it is important because it is a chance for us to do something else and take a rest from what we normally do in Carnal Forge. Also, it is fun to do something that is totally different from Carnal Forge.

In your words, how would you describe a band like Asperity?

I think you can decribe us as melodic heavy metal. I like that!!

Well this band is formed by yourself and Stefan Westerberg, who is also in Carnal Forge. Is Asperity a full-time band or just a fun, side project?

We start with this and then we have to wait and see what`s going to happend. Hopfully, Asperity will be a full-time band.

I've never been a huge fan of death metal, with the power metal genre always being my sort of thing. Asperity is the type of music I'm really into right now. This debut sounds fresh and modern, but still keeps the roots of old school metal fully intact. This will probably wind up in my top 10 in 2004. How did this band come together and how did you find the time to do this along with Carnal Forge?

The band was formed 2000. We started out just for fun but after awhile we felt that this might be something we want to do and can record. Then we started to work on the new song and finaly we recorded the demo and got in touch with Arise Records and got our self a deal. We do Asperity when we have the time off from Carnal Forge. It's not a problem and the boys in Carnal are very understanding.......sometimes.......haha.

Peter Kronberg is a fantastic vocalist, and is really suited for these types of songs. Where was he discovered and has he been in any other bands prior to Asperity?

Ohhhhh yes he is a great singer! Peter is a good friend of ours and we have known him for a long time. He has played in a cover band in our home town as far as I can remeber and still is. Actually, he was active in a band back in the 80`s (Section Eight). They didn`t relese anything so that`s the whole story about Peter Kronberg.

So, let's talk about some of the songs on this record. The opening track, "Will They Come", is written almost like a horror story, one of those "ghost stories by campfire" types. What type of influences went into the writing of that song? Are you a big horror movie fan?

Actually the song is based on the movie "They". Yes, we like horror movies. Zombies, blood and unessecary violences--that`s all you need!!

"All together the album is about the good and bad things you face as a human being, focusing on the depressing and negative things that you face in life."
My favorite song on "The Final Demand" is "Rebellion", which almost has a western feel to it. What went into the writing of that song and is the main character in the song a Native or African-American?

It is about an African-American. The song is about what you can do with you`re freedom and your life. You decide for yourself what you want to do, but if someone broke your wings and tells you too fly, what are you going to do then? All together the album is about the good and bad things you face as a human being, focusing on the depressing and negative things that you face in life.

With a song like "Past Life", the lyrics are almost religious. Are you a religious person or were you just feeling particularly enlightened when that song was written?

Hell no, we are not religious! But I understand if you wonder about the song. It's about the good and the bad things you face in life. It's more like when you feel that you can not see the end of all misery and anxiety so all you really want to do is die and the wish of death is the best and only wish you have left. Where do you turn?? To the good side or the evil side??

Who came up with the idea for the album artwork, with the apparitions and hands coming out of the dark? I really like the inside booklet, with that weird guy flying throught the air with his hands out. Pretty freaky stuff!

Freaky is good!! The art work is done by Lars Linden (ll production) he has done the last 3 artworks for Carnal Forge so It was natural for us to use him for the layout/artwork. As I can remember, we came up with the idea together.

Will this band be touring or playing any festivals this year?

Regarding festival this summer, we will not do any festival this summer. And about the touring, we just have to wait and see how things turn out for Asperity.

Will there be another record?

Yes, there will be another record.

Looking back on last year, what was your favorite album and in your opinion, what was the biggest dissapointing record?

I think that Vital Remains "Dechristianize" was one hell of a good record. And the biggest dissapointing record was.....hmmmm.....Morbid Angel "Heretic". Thats really hard for me to say becouse Morbid is one of my favorite bands.

What are your thoughts on the death metal scene right now? Do you think its starting to become too populated and growing stale or do you feel this new desire for all things heavy is a huge benefit to the death metal genre?

I think its good, because the word has to be spread. And there are so many good bands around these days so I think Its good.

With reunion albums coming out this year from bands such as Judas Priest, Death Angel, Heathen, Exodus, Tesla, etc., what is the one album you can't wait to hear?

Can I only chose one album??? Haha........I chose two, Judas Priest and Exodus.

Well Petri, thanks again for your time. We wish Asperity and Carnal Forge the best of luck!

Thank you and make sure to check out Asperity (www.asperity.info) and the new Carnal Forge in June.

Petri KuusistoEric Compton3/30/2004

The Final Demand
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