Interview With Patrick Kremer, Vocalist For Witchburner

Thanks for giving Maximum Metal some of your time Patrick. Well its been two years since Witchburner released their EP, "German Thrashing War", and 7", "Arrival Of The Last Storm/Dead City". What has been going on with the band during the last two years?

Hails and thanks Eric for giving us space in Maximum Metal! Well, the last two years went by very fast for the band. We again went through some up and downs because of some line-up problems! Then we had to stop rehearsing as our main guitarist Seegel had some problems with his right arm and fingers but luckily everything turned out good and we were able to start again after two months! We played a few shows and mainly worked on new songs for our fourth full length.

Patrick, I haven't heard anything from Witchburner other than the 7" that was put out in 2002 by Maniacal Records. It was funny because myself and some friends were at King Fowley's house getting ready for an Iron Maiden concert, and King put the 7" on his turntable. I was blown away because it sounded like early German thrash, and then he told me it was a new release. Needless to say we all bought a copy of it. So tell me, what are the previous records like? Is it more black metal oriented or more like the 7"?

Haha, great to hear that King is doing some promotion for us!!! And of course thanks for the positive words on that 7"! Witchburner was and always will be a thrash metal band rooted in the 80s, nothing more or less!!! We never tried to mix our music up with any other metal "styles" and you can be sure that no one can expect this in the future!

"Witchburner was and always will be a thrash metal band rooted in the 80s, nothing more or less!!!"
I read on the band's website that a split 7" is planned with US thrashers Destructor. Tell us a little bit about that, and how did the band get involved with Destructor?

Well, right now we´re not sure when this EP will be released as Destructor have some personal problems as they told to us! But we really hope that they´ll be able to record their part sooner or later as the song we made together is really kickin' ass! All in all there will be three songs on this EP. The one we made together and each band covers a song of the other!!! The EP will be limited to 666 copies and we`ll release it by ourselves. Definitely a must for all die hard fans! We know the Destructor guys now for some time now and after their show at the last year's Bang Your Head Festival they stayed at our place for some more days. So at one of those drunken and metal filled nights we came to the idea to do a song together...said and done! We went to our rehearsal room and created "Pounding Warriors"! Hell yes, thats the main story behind all!

In 2002 the band recruited guitarist Marcel, only to split with him in early 2003. Then Patrick Koch got the gig as guitarist, before leaving in September of 2003. Now Marcel is back in the band. What caused Marcel to leave the band and return a year later?

Marcel had heavy health problems during that time as he is suffering from a heart disease since his birth. So his doctor told him to take a break, but at that time it was not sure for how long this break will be so we asked Patrick Koch to take his place, but this never really worked out because of too many personal problems with him. We went on with only one guitar for one or two months and finally Marcel was ok again and rejoined the band.

Is the band under any type of contract with a record label at the present?

No, not at the moment! We´re still searching for a 100% dedicated record company that worships the same ideals and music that we do! We don´t want to sign a contract with a company that hasn´t an idea on our music and just do that business for commercial reasons.

When can we expect a new, full-length album from Witchburner?

Right now we plan to enter the studio in December `04 or January `05. We still have to write some more songs as only seven new ones are ready now and one of those will be specially used for an EP.

I know the band does a lot of compilation and 7" releases, so are there any of those being released besides the planned one with Destructor?

Yes, we plan to release one with Bitterness (Ger.) through the Italian label Danza Ipnotica Records by the end of this summer. Warlord Records from Italy too is doing a "Bulldozer Tribute EP Series" and we will be futured on part 4 togeather with VII Arcano. And for 2005 we already have planned to do split-EPs with our German thrash mates of Nocturnal & Delirium Tremens but no release date etc. is available now. Watch out for some more deadly overdoses!

Are you guys playing any shows right now?

We started to play shows again! Two ones already lay behind us and next week we´ll play at the Headbangers Open Air Warm Up Show...this will be for sure a killer event! And some more single shows are planned for the remaining year.

For years I have mainly concentrated on older hard rock and power metal. Now I am beginning to explore the thrash catalogue with Witchburner and Hatework leading the way. What are some other bands you would recommend in the same style as Witchburner? Any newer bands that you really like?

Huh, there are tons of bands I could recommend!!!! To make it a bit more easy and shorter here are only some German bands you should check out! 80s: Sodom, Living Death, Exumer, Darkness, Xxaron, Poison, Assassin, Deathrow, Violent Force, Iron Angel, Poseidon, Sacrafice, Tankard etc.! Present: Nocturnal, Delirium Tremens, Repent, Ritual Steel, Desaster, Crimson Steel, Hellish Crossfire, Atanatos, Metal Inquisitor etc!!! Teutonic steel at it´s best!!!! Check King's collection...he can for sure help you out (laughing)!!!!

Well Patrick, thank you so much for your time. Let us know what we can do to help the band out! Good luck and metal cheers!

Thanks Eric for the great support and believe in our thrashing rage!!! Let the flame of ancient metal burn forever...it's the only flame that remains true! Thrash Till Death & War On!

Band Site-www.witchburner.de

Patrick KremerEric Compton11/24/2004

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