Interview with The Gathering's Marjolein Kooijman by Sarah

The Gathering, brings their outlook on life and the sound of happiness to the fans with a dark edge always lurking within the sound of the music. Each song that the Gathering do, they do it for the passion and for the love of the music they create. On this tour, they are promoting their latest release which they recorded in their own studio, writing the songs before hand but finishing the album once they were in the studio. Along with a Lacuna Coil tour, the Gathering are working on creating new ideas for the next album as well as putting the finishing touches on the DVD that was recroded in Chile, with a possible release date in the coming months.

Your sound has been said to be a variance between metal and alternative, but your sound stands out even in those categories, how would you describe the sound and style of the Gathering?

On each record you can still hear what makes The Gathering, The Gathering. There's always a dark edge to the music, it's atmospheric, melodic and there's also a lot of emotion and melancholy into The Gatherings music. Our music is right from the heart. Most of us are autodidact and I guess that makes it sound pure and original.

Your album "home" is the album you've been touring with, as well being one of the supporting acts for the Lacuna Coil tour, while on tour are you still working on your next album and your DVD release?

We'll be playing some songs off Home but we also play quite some songs from other records. It all mixes very well and like that we can put together a nice setlist. Right now we're very busy with the production of the new DVD, which we recorded in front of an amazing audience in Santiago, Chile. I hope it will be ready for release end of july. Of course we're always busy with new musical ideas and in the summertime we'll have more time for that. While on tour, we get inspired a lot--I really love to be in another city and meet other people. In the bus we talk a lot, watch a good movie and listen to music of course. Touring is always a great adventure. It's nice to drive around in a van miles from home and just doing what you love.

The Gathering has released many great albums and of all the albums and songs, what song is your favorite to perform and to play in front of new and returning fans to your shows?

Some songs are so intense when we play them live. For me 'Travel' is always a highlight, no matter how many times I've played it already. When the atmosphere is just right there's always magic in the air. You feel the music, and the people do also.

The Gathering has an honesty about their music, what or how are your songs created? What are your inspirations for your albums?

Since I joined the band in November 2003 I've only been a part of making the album Home. For us most important is to be honest and pure about the music, it's our passion. For Home we wanted to create a true album rather than some songs put together on a record. For me it was a new experience not to just play my bass guitar, but to play it knowing what the songs are representing. We talked a lot about his, and for that life in general was our main inspiration. I think all TG albums are inspired by life. For the musical ideas we start from an idea by Frank, our keyboardplayer or René, the guitarplayer. Anneke also had some good melodies. In this way the musical ideas help us to create a plan and the other way around the plan helps us to write and play the songs in a certain way.

You've been playing bass for the Gathering since 2003, what has it been like being part of the band?

It's been quite an experience getting into a band which already existed for so many years. In the beginning it was only fun and exitement, but later I really had to find my way as a freshman/girl. They're all much more experienced and I'm always the eager one :) I have learned so much, especially on a musical level. It was also very nice to work with Attie Bauw, the producer of Home. Like I said I really love to travel around to all these places in the world and I feel very privileged to be able to do this.

"Home" is considered an artform, an album like none other, what is your outlook on the creation of this album?

We chose a special way to record this album by not finishing all the songs before going into the studio, but to make the magic happen on the spot and in our homebuilt studio. If you didn't know already: we rented a small church and created our own studio there for one month. The reason for this was to make a pure album: one month and doing it on the spot. (Unlike the album Souvenirs, which has been a long proces of recording, editting and perfectionising. ) I think Home has become a good, emotional and very unique album.

You're touring in with Lacuna Coil as well as for Home, what do you hope to gain by being part of this tour?

By touring with Lacuna Coil we get the chance to present us to a bigger audience. They play in nice venues and hopefully this will also make it possible to put up a very good sound. I think Lacuna Coil will also put some good effort in promoting the shows, so all of this will be good. Another nice thing is to go from east to west!

Marjolein KooijmanPsycho Sarah6/8/2007


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