Interview with Maik, by EC 6.25.03

Hello Maik, its our pleasure to offer a great band like Evolution as our spotlight band for July. Congratulations on your debut record, "Dark Dreams Of
Light", recently released on Commusication/Point Records. What is the response thus far to the new album?

First of all, thank you for your interest on our band. To your question. We sent the CD to a few magazines and pages e.a. Metal Heart, Hammer, Rock Hard … and so far as the reviews have been published the response was very good. It was a big surprise for us to be in a magazine with well known bands and to get such a good value.

What is it like as an artist to look at your debut record and know that all of the band practices, rehearsals, and shows have finally paid off and the band has successfully recorded its first album? You have to be pretty excited!

It was like birthday, Christmas and a great summer all together on one day while listening to our CD after all that hard work and time we spent on our band, which is not to understand negative because it also was fun. Anyway, it was great!

With "Dark Dreams Of Light", Evolution play tight, aggressive old school thrash, sort of a throwback to Bay Area Thrash of the 80s. Do you think that description fits Evolution's sound? How would you describe your band's style?

One can not dispute the parallels to the probably most known metal band all over the world, but we are also influenced by other bands like Pantera, Annihilator, Slayer& etc;. and try to mix it up to the music we want to hear and play.

The songs on the new album have an abstract, thought provoking view of society, but also positive messages in the writing as well. Who does most of the writing on the album and is there any sort of theme to this record that the band was aiming for?

The writing is always teamwork. We write all our songs together and change them until everyone is satisfied. There is no real theme, we never wantedto produce a theme-CD, we just want to express our feelings and try to make the listeners think about our songs.

Who came up with the album title and the idea for the cover?

The album title was a decision of the band and is a quotation from the song Dark Dreams of Light. The idea for the cover came from our producer Gerhard Gerassi.

Looking back to the beginning of Evolution, how did the band form and when?

We founded us in the beginning of the year 2001 and were already pretty good friends. Each one of us has already played in one or two underground-bands and sometimes we rocked together. As we founded EVOLUTION we decided to do no longer those half-hearted things. We decided to do it this time professionally and we were ready to give everything! And this
we try until nowadays.

"Dark Dreams
Of Light


Band Website

What is the scene like in Germany right now, with other great German thrash bands like Perzonal War and Delirious trying to "bring back the Thrash?"

We think that they, comparing to us miss that style in the actual music scene. And if there is no one who plays that music, you have to do it by yourself.

Has the scene changed at all since the band started?

There are a few little changes but in fact the scene has not really changed.

What are your thoughts on the power metal invasion, with bands like Hammerfall and Dream Evil growing in popularity in Europe as well as the US?

It is cool for the bands that they are so successful. But in fact it is also not really a new style they created. Hammerfall is a band which was brought together by others. They have no history. And to be honest the music is good but not really ours. But everyone listens to the music he wants and which gives him something.

Tell us a little bit about an upcoming show you are playing called Metal Power 2003? You must be looking forward to that one!

Yes, we are very anxious because we will play with Testament and Annihilator! We hope it will be fun!

Are there any other shows planned in support for the new record? Any festival invitations
thus far?

Surely we will play a few more gigs, but except from the Metal Power 2003 there are no
gigs planed so far.

For some of the fans here in the US, how do they order their copy of "Dark Dreams Of Light"? Buying metal in America can sometimes be frustrating!

The easiest way to order it will be our homepage: http://www.EVOLUTION-metal.de

Any chance right now of getting any distribution in the US?

Sorry, but besides our homepage there is no way to get it. But eventually it will change soon.

Well, we want to thank you again for giving Maximum Metal an interview. The Maximum Metal staff greatly enjoys the new album and again we are very happy and excited to make Evolution our spotlight band for June. Hopefully this spotlight will help get the word out on a great Evolution record! Thanks Maik for your time and we wish you the best of luck!!

Thank you! STAY FUCKIN` HEAVY!!!

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