Interview with Laucky Velvet – Stars Of The Silverscreen.

They define themselves as a rock'n roll band with a handsome singer in make up: from Sweden, Mr. Jonas “Lucky Velvet” Lofroth, voice of Stars Of The Silverscreen!

Hi Jonas, can you please introduce Stars Of The Silversceen to our readers?

STARS OF THE SILVERSCREEN: Formed about 3 years ago. The members back then were me, Jonas (lucky velvet) lead vocals and guitar, Magnus (Maniac Manny) bass & back. Voc, Pär (Frantic Fret) drums & back. Voc and Matt guitar. Then our drummer moved to San Diego for over a year, and at the same time the guy who then played guitar left the band. We kept the band on hold until last summer, when we found what we had been looking for. Peter (Kamikaze Kane) joined the band & he used to play with Magnus back in high school. He is probably one of the best guitar players I’ve ever heard, so I guess you could say we started for real a year ago. The new line up really trigged my writing and soon we had enough material for a demo. The sound fell in place. We come from similar backgrounds with a few exceptions and we compliment each other so good. Pretty soon our love for pure raw rock will put us on the map.

You changed your name recently from The Cosmic Twins to Stars Of The Silverscreen: why did you decide to do that?

Well, the name change came about from hearing of a band with the same name. They put out a record as late as ‘94, so we thought it was better to change the name before the release of our album.

What were all of you doing before putting the band together?

Me and Magnus (Maniac Manny) have played together in various bands since we were around 18. Growing up I had a friend named Matt (former guitarist), and just like me he listened to Hanoi Rocks, Dogs d’amour and g n’ r. When my last band split up, I started thinking about forming a real kick ass rock n’ roll band again. I phoned Matt and he brought Pär (frantic fret), they had just split up with their band Abhinanda and were also into the idea of starting a rock band again.

Where did you record “Drop Dead Alibi” and how long did the recordings take?

The demo ‘Drop dead alibi’ was recorded in a small studio & in our rehearsal room during about a week.

Who writes the songs and where do you take the inspiration from?

The writing on the demo is mostly me. But for the album, I’ve gotten the others to contribute! I take my inspiration from the world around me. The lyrics describe everything from busted broken emotions to a night out raising our own hell with the band Ha ha!

"The band grew up listening to Kiss, Thin Lizzy and the Clash..."
Who are your main influences?

The band grew up listening to Kiss, Thin Lizzy and the Clash. Other bands we respect are the Stones, Roky Erikson, Hellacopters, the Bones and many more.

What about your live activity: how hard is it to get some live gigs nowadays?

For unsigned bands, the live scene in Sweden isn’t the best. However, now when we put the album out, I don’t think any one can resist us!

How’s the situation there in Sweden as far as new bands are concerned?

There are many bands in Sweden. Some good, some are not ! Ha ha & sadly it seems the bad ones get the attention.

You recorded “I Believe In Miracles” for a Ramones tribute album, released for Shockrockrecords: how did you get involved in this project and why did you choose that song?

Yeah! That was really cool. Basically we owe so much to captain bonanza ( The Bones). I got to know him over the internet. He liked our stuff and has tried to promote our name. The owner of Shockrock Records contacted captain bonanza to see if the Bones would like to be on a Ramones tribute he was releasing. The record company also asked if he knew of any other cool great bands. C.B. said he should contact STARS OF THE SILVERSCREEN. So he did. We recorded the Ramones song in one day. The choice of the song, well & we wanted one that we could do and to do it good, I mean we wanted it to sound like STARS OF THE SILVERSCREEN. Not just copy the Ramones, ´cause that is just plain stupid. I think you will like what we have done with it!

I know you’re working on a new album: can you tell us something about it?

Yeah & along with the Ramones song we sent 3 or 4 songs of our own to Shockrock Records. So this summer as I was on holiday in Stockholm, I got a call from the rec. company on the same day they received the demo. They really wanted to put out a whole album, so we recorded 12 really cool hard rockin’ songs to choose from. The recording is almost finished now and we will work out the release date soon.

What are your future plans?

Our near future plans involve completing the album and then release it & start touring to promote it. We have high hopes for it and I really think no one will be able to resist us!

1 good reason to listen to your music!

One good reason & it’s easy, it will fill any void you got!

Would you like to leave a message to our readers?

Dear readers, if you love good music, if you’re living for the good times, if you need a fix... STARS OF THE SILVERSCREEN is the best you can take& thank you. See you on the road…


Laucky VelvetZerohour7/20/2005

Drop Dead Alibi

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