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Our new interview with the outspoken King Fowley vocalist For Deceased/October 31!
By: Josh Greer  |  Published: Thursday, March 4, 2004
King FowleyFirst off, thanks for taking the time to do this interview for Maximum Metal. I'm sure you've been busy trying to get well from your blood clot and still being metal. Tell us, how is your health? Any idea when you'll be back in action?

Well, it's improving, but sadly at a snail's pace! The lung was so badly damaged it will never fully heal! I lost at least 20% of the right lung and with it comes bad episodes of blood oxygen level drops and all kinds of "side effects" do to this infact! I'm just doing all I can to improve my self! Self-stengthening exercises, better diet, and staying 'focused'! I don't know when I'll be 'back', but I will! HAHA! Insert Arnold Swarzenegger accent there!

Some of the Deceased albums are so different musically, never really following any trends or anything. It's hard to tell what direction you guys will go in with each release. How does it feel to look back and have a solid discography that Deceased did on their own terms?

Great! It's all we ever wanted to be! We don't care if we make the Metal Manaics centerfold poster, if we sell a zillion records, or if anyone at all likes us! This music is done by us for us! If people can dig what we do musically and are about us as people, then that's a 'bonus'. We get in 'moods' when doing records, I know I do! I want a certain 'vibe' to a record. So far we've pretty much done what we've wanted when we did it! Some records have poor sound, which stinks to us, and some records(as most bands would say)could be better played at times. You always find 'faults' a few years on and more listens, but it's 'us'! Deceased 100%, and we will continue to be this way! Play from the heart, not from the billboards charts!

What will the new single "Torn Apart By Wherewolves" sound like, have music/lyrics already been written? Will "As the Weird Travel On" fall in the same style of music?

'Torn apart...' is not written, but we are going for a straight-ahead thrasher with some mangledness to it! Maybe something like 'Killing Technolgy'-style 'Vod meets early Whiplash and Annihilator! Technical to a degree, yet simple and precise at the same time! 'Weird' as an L.P. will be all over the place! It will incorporate ideas and hints of all our records to date, be ready!

What direction will the new October 31 "No Survivors" go, besides sounding old-school as fuck? I know it's hard for you guys to get together to practice(2 guitarists live 6 hours away!), but has there been any material written for the album yet?

We have one song complete, Powerhouse, the lead off! It's fast and thrashy ala the 'Warlock' style! We will write more straight-ahead metal traditonal style like we have and keep it aggressive and totally 'metal'! Some other new song titles are 'A Heroes Welcome', 'Second chance', 'The Traitor', 'Back Alley Murders', etc.

Who would win in a poser contest: Rob Halford, Joey Demaio, Dani Filth, or Schmier?

Well, I'm dissapointed in Halford, He had talent! Although now his voice is really on the decline! He shit on metal and publicly denounced it when it needed him most as a spokesman to keep 'traditonal' metal afloat! Demaio is just an ego fag! He aint even that good on bass! Manowar has been on the decline for many years! Too 'goofy' anymore! Give me 'Hatred' and 'Blood Of My Enemies' any day! Dani Filth is a complete poser for sure! A friend in the U.K. told me about his pre-death/black metal days when he was doing a 'boy band' thing! HAHA! Too funny! Schmier is a crappy guy too! Too phony and Destruction is way overrated! Behind all the satan shit in the 80's and the 'evil' lyrics, it was just bad music to begin with! Poor thrash is crap! OUT OF ALL THESE, I'LL SAY DANI FILTH! TOO GAY FOR WORDS!

Is it safe to say that Jason Tedder(October 31 guitarist) and Dave Castillo(Deceased drummer) are permanent/solid members in October 31 and Deceased?

Indeed it is! We needed to 'experiment' with tons of line-ups and ideas to get it right! It wasn't easy, but we got the ultimate October 31 line-up now! Unless they wanna throw me out and get the Axehammer guy in on vocals! Which i would be all for! HAHA!

Will there be any plans to put out any bands on Battlezone Records anytime soon? What is the current state of your label?

Well, money is the issue! "As We Destroy" is just now being released on Battlezone! It's a mini-cd of good thrash from the east coast! They put up the money for it to be released so I applaud them! Biovore and Prime Evil were my other releases, both are selling well! Actually, Prime Evil is sold out now! Biovore rules! Voivod legions unite! I got plans to release Deathmask soon! An old 80's band with some heavy ass riffs, be ready!

I know the 90's sucked and all, but do you think Mark will ever update the website photos past 1992 (I'm dying for more stories!)?

Yes, he will! He doesn't want the site to get 'old' quick! He wants to get people ready for more stories and then unleash them, little by little! All the while, adding to past stories and photos, etc.! We have plans for me to add some words to some of this and a few other ideas, be ready!

Being someone that's been involved with Heavy Metal practically all your life and have been making noise since 1985 with Deceased, how do you see the Metal community nowadays? What do you think it will be about 5 years from now, what's wrong and what is still good about the scene?

Music is music! Obviously, metal has seen a resurgance for better or worse! It's that 20 year 'circle' thing! I just play and love the music I love! For metal, there's some good new bands and some crappy poser ones as well! It's always been that way! There should be no 'age' to metal music! In 5 years I'll crank whatever i need to to get my 'metal fix'.

What bands still get you on the edge of your seat for a new release? Metal bands that is, I don't want a 3 page paragraph from you praising No Doubt.

Of course Voivod, Maiden (though i was terribly dissapointed in 'Brave New World', but I think this time they will 'gel' better), Sabbath (if Martin would come back), lots of bands like Riot, Saxon, Anvil, Raven, etc.! I always want to hear a classic band release more classic music!

What is the best show you ever played and what was the worst show you ever played, with any band?

With Deceased, the best was probably Wacken! Mostly because I was so proud to see the guys who had fought so hard for so long get their dream to play Europe, to a festival crowd! Worst for Deceased would be Canada Fest, mid 90's! We just sucked shit! Everythig went wrong and we were so dissapointed in our playing! As for October 31, I'd say Classic Metal Fest 2! It was so good of a feeling to see so many people digging our metal and singing the songs, word for word! It makes us proud to write the songs we do! Worst for October 31 would be the show in West Virginia, as a 4 piece, with only one guitar! Brian did his best to cover all the parts, as did Jim, but damn we sounded 'funny', HAHA!.

What is the news on your side project, Doomstone?

There's a new 'best of' CD out soon,'Without Prayer', on Root of all Evil Records!

Does Black Metal still suck?

The stuff they call 'black metal' nowadays sure does! I love the old 'evilness' of early Fate and of course Venom, and even Sabbath to a degree. Espeically the Dio stuff at times! 'Sign of the Southern Cross' is indeed 'black metal' to me. It's sad to think pure shit like Immortal and Darkthrone is 'metal'! It's not to me! It's noise and not very good noise at that!

Thanks a lot for your time, King. Maximum Metal appreciates it! Any last words?

Stay yourself, and death to fake friends! No gods, No masters! Maximum Metal forever!

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