Interview with Jari guitarist of Carnal Forge, 06/23/03 by Agent of Steel

First off, let me thank you for taking the time to do this interview and to congratulate you on another kick ass album "The More You Suffer".

Thanks a lot for the kind words.

For those people who aren't familiar with Carnal Forge, how about a brief description of your style of music and the history of the band?

  • Music style: Rabid pittbull metal with a lots of balls.

  • History: Formed in 1997 from the ashes of a melodic deathmetal band called In Thy Dreams.

  • 1998 we recorded our first and only demo tape titled “Sweet Bride”

  • 1998 we released our first album “Who’s Gonna Burn” on WAR Music. The corporation between WAR and CF didn’t work out, so we decided to go separate ways with WAR Music

  • 2000 We recorded our 2nd album “Firedemon” and Century Media Records gave us a deal for 3 more albums that we couldn’t refuse. Release date was 2001.

  • 2001 “Please… Die!” the 3rd album hit the earth and now we are at 2003 and the 4th album “The More You Suffer” is released.

  • To get more details please check our web site www.carnalforge.com, to much if I would write everything in detail.

    The More You SufferWhen you guys went into the studio to record the new album, were there any pre-set expectations on what you wanted the album to sound like?

    No. It’s always hard to get an opinion about how it’s going to sound. I think that when you can site down after the recording you get a much better picture of what you have done. But of course we knew that the material was really strong and that it was our best album up to date.

    How long did you guys have to record this album and what was the atmosphere in the studio like while recording?

    I think it was about five weeks in total. The recording was pretty relaxed and we had even some time left to check every song if we had to do some changes or no

    When you guys are in the studio, do you have a certain routine you follow as far as doing the music and vocals are concerned?

    CF recording masterplan:

    Sound pretty simple don’t you think
    Select Discography
    The More You Suffer (03)
    please... die! (01)
    firedemon (00)
    Who's gonna burn (98)

    Band Website
    Are all the band members involved in the songwriting process or is it mainly just one or two of you guys?

    No. It’s a group effort.

    You guys have been around for a good while and have seen some changes in the heavy metal scene. What are your thoughts about the scene now and how has it changed since you guys first started?

    I think that the scene is pretty healthy right now. The new things is that we have all these submetal bands like Linking Park and so on. My personal opinion about those bands is that I rather listen to an old Slayer album than than I would dream on listening to them. But everybody should make their own opinion about what they want to listen to.

    As far as Carnal Forge is concerned, what role do you see yourselves playing in the future of metal?

    Don’t know. But it would be nice if we could be an inspiration to other bands and kids to start playing this kind of music.

    A big topic thesedays is downloading music via the Internet. What are the bands thoughts about downloading? If someone downloads your CD, what type of effect would that have on the band?

    It would decrease or sales numbers, But we are not Metallica so who gives a damn. Downloading gives us free promotion anyway so.

    What are your touring plans for supporting "The More You Suffer..."? Any plans to try and tour the U.S.?

    Because the cancelled Tour with Halford and Testament we will try to get back to US asap. We have some festivals during the summer and then we will tour Europe with Exodus and Nuclear Assault starting in October.

    You guys tour a great deal over in Europe. Any one particular tour that you guys have done that just stands out in your mind as one of the best?

    Touring is always fun, so its hard to just pic one.

    What kind of stuff do you guys listen to when you aren't touring or in the studio?

    All kind of shit. But for me it has to be metal. Slayer, Forbidden, Testament and so on.

    Do you guys have other jobs besides Carnal Forge, or is everyone focused on the band 100%?

    We have to work when we aren’t touring but that doesn’t mean that anyone isn’t 100% into CF. The work that we do at home is just to make a living. It’s to hard to make a living playing the kind of music that we do.

    Any closing thoughts?

    Watch me as I take action, Brutal murders for my satisfaction.

    Alright, well thanks again for taking the time to do this interview man. It's really an honor to get to interview a band that I have grown to love. Good luck to you guys and hopefully we'll look to see you in the States sometime soon.

    Thanks a lot.

    Jari KuusistoJosh Greer6/23/2003


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