Interview with Jan from Iron Fate

EC: You guys have just released your debut album entitled "Cast In Iron" courtesy of Massacre Records. The band is brand new to me as well as some of our readers. Tell me a little bit about the band's sound and what to expect from this record.

Power Metal of these days is filled with keyboards and often just sounds very artificial. We try to go back to and stay with the roots. You know, what Power Metal sounded like once...
Jan: Hey Eric. I´m glad to answer your questions. Yeah, what can you expect from this record...I will tell you. It´s simply good old heavy metal in a modern wrapping. Take a bit of Cage, Priest, Maiden and Nevermore and put it on a disc. Then you´ve got "Cast In Iron". This record makes a headbanger's heart beat faster.

EC: It is very unusual to see a metal artist release their debut record on such a big label like Massacre. How did this relationship start? Did you have a demo or recording that gained interest or did someone from Massacre see a live show?

Jan: We applied at Massacre. We did not send a demo though, we only sent the finished production which we recorded in the Pure Sonic Studios before. When we got the offer from Massacre we didn't have to think about it for very long.

EC: I had the pleasure of hearing the album the other day via the label. This is really a tight and polished power metal sound that has a great bit of US style to it. Where did the band record this and who produced it? Are you pleased with the end result?

Jan: We recorded at Pure Sonic in Langelsheim under the direction of Jost Schlüter. A very capable man. It was very funny to work with him. He also produced for the thrash metal-combo Headshot. The songs have been written before and recorded at the studio. Jost is a real perfectionist who tries to get 120% even if there are already a 100% given. And I think that is something you can hear in the endresult.

EC: This album cover really sort of caught my eye before even hearing the album. The cover reminds me of the molten metal demon on Mercyful Fate's "Don't Break The Oath" and "Nine". Who came up with the cover layout and who is the artist?

Jan: The frontcover was designed by the very talented artist Timo Wuerz, who also designed artworks for Amon Amarth, Doro or Sacred Steel. He managed to fulfill all our ideas and expectations.

EC: Are any of the songs featured on the debut on the band's original demo? How long have some of these songs been in existence? Have they made the live circuit over the years?

Jan: Yes. There are two songs, that we re-recorded to put them on "Cast In Iron". Those are about 3 years old and have been played live many times.

EC: What kind of promotion are you doing for the album? Has the band hit the Summer festivals?

Jan: No, sadly not, but we´re are on way to hit many stages in the near future. We just need the chance to do our work upon the stage and blow the people away with some Iron Fate Heavy Metal!!!

EC: Are you getting good feedback and response thus far?

Jan: The critiques are consistently positive worldwide and we are happy about it. We were very surprised when we read some reviews and proud of it at the same time. We never expected so many positive reviews.

EC: The power metal scene is pretty saturated now and sometimes the ideas and innovation becomes stale. What does Iron Fate bring to the table that other bands of this style don't?

Jan: There is a huge difference between what Power Metal is and what that description is used for these days. Power Metal of these days is filled with keyboards and often just sounds very artificial. We try to go back to and stay with the roots. You know, what Power Metal sounded like once...I found in my CD collection an old Power Metal sampler, which contains bands like Tank, Jag Panzer and Sanctuary. That is what we want to sound like.

EC: I'm sure it is a bit early to talk about the future but how many songs or ideas do you have in place for the sophomore effort? I'm sure the proverbial "gears are always turning".

Jan: We´ve got a few songs in the backhand and they´ll be perfected, on a sound level. The tracks will have an "Iron Fate" touch, so people will say "hey, that is Iron Fate". But keep on waiting and see what is going to happen.

EC: With the recent passing of metal icon Dio, what is your favorite memory of him? A song, a live performance, anything that you will cherish now that he has left us?

Jan: 2006 Denis and I were guests at the Rock Hard Festival in Gelsenkirchen and we were lucky to meet Dio personally at the Meet and Greet session. He was an unbelievable man. He was – and still is – an idol and still, he stayed human. We were very shocked and sad when we heard of his passing away.

EC: Okay, well congratulations on the new album. Again, "Cast In Iron" hits store shelves this month via Massacre Records. Any parting words for newer fans out there?

Jan: Primary, we want to thank you for the interest in Iron Fate. It looks really good again for traditional Heavy Metal at the moment. So, go back to the roots and listen to "Cast In Iron". I think, everyone who likes the "old school" stuff will enjoy our album.

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