"I had a Bon Jovi Cover band, really funny, but kidís stuff, you know..."
Everyone at Maximum Metal really loves the sound of Nordheim. Tell us a little bit about your newest record out on Marquee Records entitled "...And The Raw Metal Power".

R.M.P. is our very first album. It is heavy, fast and it was very fun to record it. As a matter of fact, Marquee Records was created to record that album, and it is really great to see how far Marquee can really go, it is the best record label on World!

This band comines alot of different musical elements, with clean vocals, death growls, keyboards, and a unique sense of raw classic 80s heavy metal. How do you manage to get all of these elements to work on this album when some bands seem to struggle doing just one element of metal?

It is quite simple, to do these things when you really love it.

When I heard the band name Nordheim, I immediately thought the group was black metal and I stayed away from this for some time. What does the band name mean and who came up with the idea for this album title?

It was me. We wanted a different but strong and appealing name, but the outcome was this one (hehehe...).

Helio, your vocals are very crisp and clear, almost sounding like a cross between Zak Stevens of Savatage and Tony Martin of Black Sabbath. Have you had professional voice training?

I really love to sing! It is one of the best job in the World, you get paid to have fun (laughs), and yes, I had singing class for over 10 years. I really love Sabbath and Savatage, specially Toni Martin's voice, so thanks!

Have you been involved with any other acts other than Nordheim?

Yeah, but nothing really serious. I had a Bon Jovi Cover band, really funny, but kidís stuff, you know...(laughs).

How odd is it for a power metal act to exist in Brazil? What type of music seems to dominate that area?

I really think Power, heavy and any form of Metal or underground music has his own space, the underground space, here, in Brazil or anywhere else. Brazil is one of the most cosmopolitan place in the World, so you can find any kind of music or cultural manifestation here. Great country!

What plans do you have for touring in support of this new release?

We already covered a great part of Brazil and there are plans to travel to Europe and possibly the States in the next year.

Will the relationship with Marquee Records continue past this record? Are you pleased with the promotion you have received from the label thus

Yeah, sure! We already recorded a Minicd (Total War), released this year (Marquee Records), and we are preparing the second album for the first quater of 2004.

What do you have in store for 2004? Any festival appearances next year?

Like a said before, we are recording the second album, and probably we gonna hit the road to promote this album next year. Europe and U.S. beware... (laughs)

When will writing begin for the follow-up?

We are already recording it, and it will be released on 2004 1st Quater.

What new bands are you listening to these days? Any newer metal acts out there that have really caught your ear?

We have great bands in Brazil! There are so many good bands here, but Iím listening Andralls, Thoten and a new band, called Rainheart.

Well, we wish Nordheim the best of luck. Thanks for your time and please stay in touch and remember Maximum Metal!!

Weíre done already? just kidding! I really want to thank you and I hope Maximum Metal readers and visitors enjoy this interview! Stay Heavy...Metal is the LAW!

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