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Forcefed on Human Flesh
Zombie Suicide Part 666


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FrediabloSouldestroyer: How long have you been doing Gorelord and Wurdulak?

Frediablo: I have been doing Gorelord now since 1999 I think, and Wurdulak was born about 6 months later, so all in all for the past 3-4 years.

Souldestroyer: What exactly happened to the latest incarnation of Necrophagia?

Frediablo: Necrophagia has been reborn more evil and more horror obsessed than ever before, and that is all I have to say about that matter.

Souldestroyer: What was the inspiration, other than horror movies, for Gorelord?

Gorelord - Forcefed on Human FleshFrediablo: I draw inspiration from all kind of shit... pornography, serial killers, other bands such as Brujeria, Morbid Angel, Machine Head. I also find inspiration through other type of films than what's regarded as horror, although you won't hear that as much, as my lyrics are basically horror based, but on the track 'Four Ways To Heaven One Way To Hell', the second half of the second verse is about a movie called Deliverence, and that is not horror at all, but just a kick ass redneck thriller with Burt Reynolds, but mainly, my inspiration comes from old horror films.

Souldestroyer: I still stick to the fact that I think its as heavy as mortician but much more catchier.

Frediablo: Still to this day, I don't see the link between Gorelord and Mortician, other than the movie samples we both include on albums. I always hear the name Mortician when I read a Gorelord review, and one year after the first Gorelord album had been released, I had to dig into this and see what people was talking about, and that was when I heard my first Mortician song ever, and I could not understand why people think of Mortician when they hear Gorelord, cause we do not sound anything like each other in my ears!!

"The current horror scene is fucking pathetic in my book."
Souldestroyer: What is your all time favorite Horror movie, and what do you think of the current state of Horror?

Gorelord - Zombie Suicide Part 666Frediablo: My all time favourite horror movie is T h e S h i n i n g , starring Jack Nickolson. That movie is just a work of genious, and it's truly scary as well. The musical score is fantastic, and the story is simple but very disturbing. The current horror scene is fucking pathetic in my book. All this garbage like Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer.... It fucking sucks man... teenage bubblegum trendy garbage, with no identity, real stories or soul at all !!... I hate it, but fortunately, some manage to uphold the horror level needed to keep the old school alive, and that is Alex Chandon who made Cradle Of Fear, and Jim Van Bebber, who directed the Necrophagia movie Through Eyes Of The Dead. They just prove to show that not everybody is into trends and plastic entertainment.

Souldestroyer: What are your favorite bands? Inspirations?

Frediablo: Pantera, Brujeria, Morbid Angel, Sepultura, Biohazard etc.... bands who's music grooves.. it's as simple as that. Bands that create music that will kick ass live.

Souldestroyer: What happened to the Distribution that Relapse did for you guys on the first Gorelord and Wurdulak release?

Frediablo: Well, Im not the right person to be asking that question, cause Killjoy knows all about that shit. I'm just a guy making music and loving horror, and the buisness side of things has never been what I tend to focus my time on the most.

Souldestroyer: How long have you been listening to Metal?

Frediablo: I have been listening to Metal since I was 14 years old, so it's been quite a while, although I no longer listen to much music. I just spend my time watching movies and MAKING music, and that leaves me little time to listen to music anymore. Besides, I when I do listen to music, I hardly listen to Metal anymore, cause when you play that shit all the time, your ears long for something else to relax, and I listen to Ry Cooder and a lot of movie sountracks.... Lord Of The Rings, Aliens, The Shining etc...anyway, thanks man & cheers. Hail the Gore & Horror.

Souldestroyer: Thanks Frediablo, keep it evil666

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Zombie Suicide Part 666
Nate Turpin2/27/2003

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