Ungodly is a new and upcoming band in the Death Metal realm. Maximum Metal was lucky enough to get a promotional copy of the ďHate CelebrationĒ EP. After a few spins, I was very impressed with what this Brazilian band had to offer. We hit up Jamie at Metalvox.com for the chance to get some more insight on this band and what to expect in the future. Here is what Daniel Oliveira had to sayÖ

You guys don't have a lot of exposure yet, so I was wondering if you could briefly tell us some background on the band and its members?

Daniel Oliveira (g) - Ungodly began in the middle of 2001 with the proposition of doing Death/Black Metal. Since then, many changes occurred, mainly in the line up, which by the way isnít totally stable. At the moment we have recruited one more member, the drummer Thiago Nogueira, ex-Headhunter D.C., and this will continue until we find an ideal line up to work completely towards Ungodly.

"Hate Celebration" is recieving great recognition everywhere, what do you think about that?

ItĎs very good to know our work was well accepted, I hope we can spread our work even more, and I guarantee our debut will be a good start for this.

I did the review for the "Hate Celebration" EP for Maximum Metal and was very impressed with it also, what do you draw your influences from for this style of music?

I would say the influences are huge, but I will cite some of the great bands who fave influenced us. Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Running Wild, Kreator, Destruction, Slayer, Metallica, Dissection, Morbid Angel, Headhunter D.C, Mystifier, among others. I donít know how to define my own sound, Iíll pass this question to you (laughs).

I heard we could be expecting a full length album in 2005, Is this accurate? And when in 2005 can we expect this monster to be released on the public?

Surely, we will enter the studio in the beginning of March, 2005.

Will it include the songs from your EP? And how will the new material sound compared to the EP and the rave reviews it got?

Yes, we will re-record the 3 songs in the debut. We have changed our drummer and singer, and of course each one of them has its own attributes and punch. Generally we are the same band, I believe our sound is a little more elaborated than the EP, and with a stupendous energy.

Your imagery and songs are obviously on the satanic side. So is this a practice what you preach kind of thing? Or is it more for show?

We are not satanists, I would say in this EP we used these images to attack and dispute christianity in a grotesque form. For the debut, I have even more chocking ideas in a much wider range than christianity.

Any tour plans for 2005? Will you be heading to the US? Who will you be touring with?

We have plans for a tour, yes, but nothing is certain yet. Probably after the debut release we will begin a tour through Brasil, and, who knows, in a near future maybe head towards other countries.

What would be your dream tour to be on?

Itís difficult to answer this question, there are so many bands in my mind Iíd rather not cite any of them.

The end of the year is upon us and our site always does a year end awards so we would like you to contribute to this. What would you say are your Top 3 albums of 2004?

Soul Reaper - Life Eraser. Torture Squad Ė Pandemonium. Uneartlhy - Black Metal Comando

On the downside here, what to you have to say about the untimely death of Dimebag Darrell?

I will not speak my mind, because I donít listen to these kind of music ever in my life. I will show respect, because weíre talking about someoneís death, and apart from not tolerating Pantera, I wonít make any comment.

Do you think that smaller venues like this do all they can to protect the performers and the audience?

I really canít tell you, because I donít have enough information to know if the place offered some security or not.

So is there anything else you would like to let us know or sound off about?

I want to tell every lover of this fucking sound that you always have to be loyal, fight for the true metal which runs in your veins.

Thanks for taking the time to do this, Maximum Metal wishes UNGODLY the best with the new album! For more on UNGODLY visit www.ungodly.com.br

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Hate Celebration
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