Interview with Aramath of Woodtemple by Grim Gaijin

What would you say is the driving force behind the message that Woodtemple represents?

Pagan Music, which moves us to leave reality und dive into your own world and to become one with the music. Also to reanimate the old times.

The average Woodtemple song averages at around 12 to 15 minutes, what keeps you motivated to write such epic masterpieces?

That’s a good question. I just have the belonging to make such long songs. It’s because I
can tell a whole story with it. I hate it when the songs are too short. I dont think I could
even write shorter songs. That has always been so, and always will be so.

"I think that viking/pagan metal is very 'in' now - more than Black Metal..."
Aside from a couple of studio musicians, would you say that being a “one-man” project is better than being in a complete band – especially for this genre of music?

Yes Woodtemple will always be a one-man-project, because I can let out all of my
feelings. Also, I don’t like it when others take influence in my music, because i don’t like
it when others talk me into something. And so i have my head free and don’t have to think
on others.

With that being said, have you considered putting together a live band to do a couple of show’s or a long range tour?

Yes I have played with the thought to play a tour, but it is very hard because I don’t have
that much time, but maybe I can handle it sometime. When I would play a tour I would
like to play with Menhir or Skyforger, because from the style, they adept the most to
Woodtemple. But if I get an offer, I sure will play a concert.

Racanon was credited as the session drummer for “Voices of Pagan Mountains”, and the end results were remarkable. Are there any plans to keep him onboard full time as a member?

Yes he was a great help, but he will stay session drummer because now I started playing
drums again. However, Racanon will make the drums on the next album too because I
have to practice a lot until I can play the drums perfect. But I have to thank him very
much for the help.

Are you involved with any other music projects besides Woodtemple? Have you ever considered doing a project with Rob Darken (Graveland)?

Besides Woodtemple there is no project, but Rob and I decided to start a little project. It
will be in the Folk style but we won’t release anything. It’s just for us or playing at
Viking festivals like Wolin. I will play the guitars and Rob the drums.

Now on to the new CD, “Voices of Pagan Mountains”. Although this release is not a major departure from past Woodtemple releases, I must say that the musicianship is stellar and there are more acoustic passages. What changes (if any) do you incorporate with each release?

Yes that’s right, there are much more accoustic parts, and the drums are much better
played, and I’m fine with it. Also the music is played faster, which is what I like for a
change. And so my music will change in that way and I also will work more with Folk

The song “Fire of our Swords” is probably one of Woodtemple’s most aggressive songs to date. What was the writing process like for that song?

Up to date, I had a good feeling for all songs during the writing process. Especially for
This song, I set myself into aggression and that’s what came out. This song has a big
meaning for me, and for some reasons it was the song which made the least problems at

I have been a fan of the Viking/Pagan Metal seen for a very long time and although it seems to be a dying genre at times, what do you think keeps the fans interested in the scene?

I’m not exactly agreeing with your opinion. I think that viking/pagan metal is very “in”
now - more than Black Metal I think, but I can’t tell why. For me, this style is important
from begin on, and there hasn’t been any changes. I’m not sure how long this style will be
modern or if it is just a hype.

Speaking of the Viking scene, do you participate in any of the Warfest or Viking Fest events that happen annually?

Yes I fought at Wolin, and it was just great. And i will support the festivals on. But at this
Time, I don’t take part at fights, because I now just take very much time for the music.

Do you have any final words for all of the Woodtemple fans out there?

Thanks for the interview, Support the Pagan war.

--Morbid Angel

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