Exclusive A thru Z interview with Mark Zonder (ex-Fates Warning, Warlord) on his new band with Ray Alder: A-Z!
8/1/2021 by Frank Hill

Mark Zonder has made a career of taking the complex and making it seem commonplace. The music A-Z (pronounced A thru Z) is creating pulls the defining vocal elements out of the 1970s and 1980s, and marries them with the modern skills and compositions of a team of world-class musicians.

Some of them you have known about for a long time, like Ray Alder (Fates Warning, Redemption), and some you'll wish you had, like France's keyboardist/composer Vivien Lalu and the Netherlands' guitarist/composer Joop Wolters. Add in the brilliance of bassist Philip Bynoe (Vai, Slavoir, Warlord) and the master of vocal landscapes in Robbie Wyckoff (whose credits span from Roger Waters' 'The Wall Live' to Phineas & Ferb), and you have music with so much depth it's tangible.

We talked with Mark about initially forming the band, the the song formula he's after, the new record, and more! Check it out here: [Full Interview Link]

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Demons and Wizards Into Eternity
Children Of Bodom Disturbed
Regurgitate Neck
Goatwhore Steel Attack
Lamb of God Ravage
Sickspeed Wizard
Hammerwhore Brainstorm
Exawatt Nicta
Iced Earth Dragonforce
Bloodbath The Graveyard Boulevard
Wycked Synn Mourning Beloveth
Rob Rock Stryper
Axenstar Pharaoh
Whitesnake Fraise
Wicked Sensation Iron Savior
Soul Reaper Dew Scented
Hard Echo Shiva
Funerus UFO
Leash Law Edge Of Forever
Jorn Marillion
Ministry Dragonspoon
Joe Stump Unleashed
Skeletonwitch Psychotron
Dark Age Aina
Megadeth Z02
Necrodemon Internal Bleeding
Slowlife Neurosis
GWAR Dark Ruin
Mine Silent Force
Overlorde Agnostic Front
Seventh One Sonata Arctica
Azrael's Bane Motley Crue
Cradle To Grave The New Breed
Belef Maze Of Torment
Quiet Riot Necrophagia
Astral Doors Nevermore
Ravensthorn John Sykes
Samael Lord Gore
Axel Rudi Pell Callenish Circle
Def Leppard Astarte
Graveworm Vicious Art
Unchained Dynamic Lights
Leaves Eyes Sebastian Bach
Ritual Killer The Father Panic Riot Orchestra
Power Quest Impaled Nazarene
Sheavy Edenbridge
The Scourger Eternal Reign
Monster Magnet Violent Storm
Blood Thirsty Demons ASG
Ewigkeit Balatonizer
Ram-Zet Urizen
Detonation Absu
Insense From This Day
End My Sorrow Across Tundras
Cardinale Upwards of Endtime
Wolves in the Throne Room Hell-Born
Tris Katone Cryptopsy
The Ocean Viron
Elvenking Down Factor
Dream Or Nightmare TK-421
Non-Human Level Ensoph
Theater of Tragedy Fragments of Unbecoming
Gorgoroth Hydrogyn
Scary Manilow Skid Row
Hurt Wednesday 13
Zero Hour Sathanas
Lordi Cheva
Darkness Eternal Celtic Frost
Steve Cone Handful of Hate
Skullflower The Gathering
Battered Crescent Shield
Mendeed Passion
Textures Gotthard
Spit Like This Lipstick Magazine
Malevolent Creation Throneum
JR Ewing Ensiferum
Cauldron Diamond Dogs
Alkemyst I Shalt Become
Manilla Road Trinacria
Bullet For My Valentine Celestia
Medieval Steel Luna Mortis
Winterfylleth Something Beautiful
Caliban Giant Squid