The Demos Vol. 1 (Helotry/Ligament/Obscurity)
12/11/2019 by Frank Hill

Our "Made in Sweden" column is still developing with new ideas and approaches. So far, we've concentrated on bands that had multiple releases, some with studio full-length records and others with multiple demos and tapes.

For now, we thought it would be more beneficial to offer discussion and insight on a few bands that you may not have heard. Prior issues have covered Nirvana 2002, Sorcery, Merciless and God Macabre with a few bigger acts like Carnage and Dismember. All of these acts have multiple demos or studio albums.

But what about the countless bands that only released demos and disappeared forever?

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· Cathedral· Into Eternity
· Nightwish· Scanner
· Children Of Bodom· BloodDuster
· Karaboudjan· Exmortem
· Anthrax· December
· Symphorce· Skullview
· Helloween· Angel Dust
· Black Label Society· Vyndykator
· Led Zeppelin· Pyn Siren
· The Chainsaw· Circle of Nero
· Ion Vein· Exawatt
· Supervillain· Godiva
· Bloodbath· Curriculum Mortis
· Rage· Mnemic
· Windseeker· Stalker
· Attacker· Hypocrisy
· Whitesnake· Lacuna Coil
· Secret Sphere· Fairyland
· Messiah's Kiss· Bleeding Inc
· Kingcrow· Van Helsing’s Curse
· Gamma Ray· Velvet Revolver
· Gary Moore· Marillion
· Lonewolf· Dragonspoon
· Joe Lynn Turner· Joey Belladonna
· Bonfire· Skeletonwitch
· Lilitu· Dio
· Occult· Unearth
· Scavenger· Age Of Silence
· Jungle Rot· Internal Bleeding
· The Project Hate· Arch Enemy
· Silent Force· The Last Act
· Jackyl· Cryme
· Rush· Tristania
· Sonata Arctica· Mercenary
· Of Infinity· Helgrind
· Divine Fire· Strikelight
· Hellfire· Soulscar
· Nevermore· Ravensthorn
· Argument Soul· Stormwarrior
· Derek Sherinian· Pure Inc
· Omegalord· Ramesses
· Disbelief· Blind Stare
· Rudra· Sothis
· Graveworm· Ektomorf
· Goddess Of Desire· Monolithe
· The Father Panic Riot Orchestra· Nightvision
· Fates Warning· Wetwork
· Impaled Nazarene· Sheavy
· Black Majesty· Eternal Reign
· Blood Thirsty Demons· ASG
· Barcode· Running Wild
· Ewigkeit· Paths Of Possession
· Phantom X· Vile
· Chain Collector· Celebratum
· Sinocence· God Forbid
· Khold· Motorhead
· Nocturnal Rites· Absolution
· Beecher· End of Level Boss
· Nobody's Fool· Fallen Wisdom
· Totalisti· Naked Beggars
· Fields Of The Nephilim· Dissection
· Moonspell· Valhalla
· The Smashup· Warrant (Amer)
· Athanator· Cataract
· The Sword· 8th Sin
· TK-421· Non-Human Level
· Dawn of Azazel· Dendura
· War Within· Sahg
· Ynis Vitrin· Vicious Rumors
· Burialmound· Teeth of the Hydra
· Sathanas· Celtic Frost
· Battered· In This Moment
· Warbringer· Static-X
· Five Finger Death Punch· Antigama
· Aborted· Malevolent Creation
· JR Ewing· Architect
· Himsa· Hellveto
· Depressed Mode· Hell N' Diesel
· Diamond Dogs· Pathology
· Cockpit· Rosetta
· Jesus Martyr· Straight Line Stitch
· To-Mera· Puscifer
· Bullet For My Valentine· Medieval Steel
· UFOmammut· Battleroar
· Crown The Lost· Caliban
· Suspyre