The Demos Vol. 1 (Helotry/Ligament/Obscurity)
12/11/2019 by Frank Hill

Our "Made in Sweden" column is still developing with new ideas and approaches. So far, we've concentrated on bands that had multiple releases, some with studio full-length records and others with multiple demos and tapes.

For now, we thought it would be more beneficial to offer discussion and insight on a few bands that you may not have heard. Prior issues have covered Nirvana 2002, Sorcery, Merciless and God Macabre with a few bigger acts like Carnage and Dismember. All of these acts have multiple demos or studio albums.

But what about the countless bands that only released demos and disappeared forever?

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Anvil Bathory
Leng Tch'e Sinner
The Great Deceiver The Haunted
Vehemence Grave
BloodDuster Karaboudjan
Disturbed Stratovarius
Cradle of Filth Norma Jean
Skullview Commit Suicide
Queensryche Nazareth
Lamb of God Masterplan
Wizard Power of Omens
Valley's Eve Led Zeppelin
The Chainsaw Exawatt
Byfist Iced Earth
Kilfast Mourning Beloveth
Steel Preacher Stryper
Tad Morose Attacker
Hypocrisy Krisiun
Deivos Soul Reaper
Dew Scented Node
Drowning Pool Freakhouse
Messiah's Kiss Kingcrow
Wolf Icon And The Black Roses
Jorn Lonewolf
Zaius Judas Priest
Vox Tempus Images of Eden
Occult Lullacry
I.C.E. Valume Nob
Jungle Rot GWAR
Dark Ruin Angra
Betrayer Feared Creation
Legion Gods Of Fire
The New Breed Rottweiller
Corrosion Of Conformity Maze Of Torment
Icarus Witch Angtoria
Ravensthorn Backyard Babies
Severe Torture Boomerang
Derek Sherinian Frantic Bleep
Magica Lord Gore
Gizmachi Sinisthra
Fastkill Babylon
Biss Disbelief
Rudra Raging Speedhorn
Astarte Unchained
Kult ov Azazel The Father Panic Riot Orchestra
Frameless Scar Nightvision
Holy Blood The Scourger
Redemption V:28
Penetrator The Firstborn
Arthemis Ghost Machinery
Damnation Ram-Zet
Chain Collector Gorefest
Beecher Taunusheim
Sodom Enforsaken
End My Sorrow Fallen Wisdom
Cardinale Lair Of The Minotaur
Nikki Puppet Upwards of Endtime
Thyrane The Smackdown
Athanator Cataract
Down Factor Nicodemus
Bludgeon The Strongest Proof
TK-421 Dawn of Azazel
Hydrogyn Paul Bonrud
Sahg Skid Row
From the Grave Wednesday 13
The Ruins of Beverast Zero Hour
Mastodon Satyricon
Biolich Darkness Eternal
Extium Deicide
Kotipelto Handful of Hate
Skullflower The Gathering
Fu Manchu Throne of Katarsis
In This Moment Old Man's Child
Cruachan Manes
The Wonderfools Architect
Frosthardr Heresi
Alkemyst Ost Est Ima
Demonic Symphony Pop Evil
Souls Of We Trinacria
Bible Of The Devil Kiuas
Ihsahn Something Beautiful