The Demos Vol. 1 (Helotry/Ligament/Obscurity)
12/11/2019 by Frank Hill

Our "Made in Sweden" column is still developing with new ideas and approaches. So far, we've concentrated on bands that had multiple releases, some with studio full-length records and others with multiple demos and tapes.

For now, we thought it would be more beneficial to offer discussion and insight on a few bands that you may not have heard. Prior issues have covered Nirvana 2002, Sorcery, Merciless and God Macabre with a few bigger acts like Carnage and Dismember. All of these acts have multiple demos or studio albums.

But what about the countless bands that only released demos and disappeared forever?

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Cave In Lost Horizon
Nightwish Scanner
Opeth Karaboudjan
Disturbed Grave Digger
Norma Jean Helloween
Overkill Circle II Circle
Nazareth Ravage
Sickspeed Powergod
Alchemy X Conquest
Johnny Lokke Brainstorm
Ion Vein Tungsten
Shakra Thunderbolt
Mourning Beloveth Evanesce
Assrockers Crystal Eyes
Malstrom Duke
Eidolon Savatage
Hypocrisy Primal Fear
Fraise Lacuna Coil
Deivos Dreamaker
F5 Killik
Riot Jag Panzer
Bang The Union Cans
David Shankle Group Gamma Ray
Metalium Highlord
Low Earth Orbit Estuary
Dimmu Borgir Therion
Ungodly Scorpions
Joey Belladonna Bonfire
Metal Church Unearth
Age Of Silence Arch Enemy
Haunted By Angels Within Temptation
The Lizards Negative Creeps
Mirror of Deception Anger
Rush The Apocalyptic Riders
Entombed Lost Soul
Corrosion Of Conformity Impaled
Soilwork Dirt
Korpiklaani Astral Doors
Hibria Mechanical Poet
Suidakra Icarus Witch
Carina Alfie Darkthrone
Severe Torture Chaoswave
Omegalord Lord Gore
Soul SirkUS Shade Empire
Sothis God Among Insects
Goddess Of Desire Kult ov Azazel
Taake Voyager
Slik Helvetika Gaia
The Father Panic Riot Orchestra Thor
Blitzkrieg A Lower Deep
Illuminatus Before The Dawn
Blood Thirsty Demons 1349
Twilight Avenged Sevenfold
Mistress Spellbound
Overmars Midnight Idols
Motorhead Nocturnal Rites
Decapitated Vader
Across Tundras Blackmore's Night
Poison Thyrane
Hell-Born The Berzerker
Firehouse Event Horizon
Silver Dirt The Smackdown
Non-Human Level Sun Descends
Dawn of Azazel Gorgoroth
Jotunspor Vengeance
Smohalla Dendura
War Within Woodtemple
Abominant Pump
Setherial Zoroaster
Rotting Christ Satyricon
Twinball Biolich
Lesbian Bed Death The Showdown
Quest of Aidance Centinex
Handful of Hate Twisted Into Form
Warmachine Fu Manchu
Lost Eden In This Moment
Madking Ludwig Crescent Shield
Hacride Antigama
Retrospective Wuthering Heights
Hellveto Ensiferum
Spheric Universe Experience Witchfinder General
SOS Vulture Industries
Mar De Grises Bible Of The Devil
Son of Eric