The Demos Vol. 1 (Helotry/Ligament/Obscurity)
12/11/2019 by Frank Hill

Our "Made in Sweden" column is still developing with new ideas and approaches. So far, we've concentrated on bands that had multiple releases, some with studio full-length records and others with multiple demos and tapes.

For now, we thought it would be more beneficial to offer discussion and insight on a few bands that you may not have heard. Prior issues have covered Nirvana 2002, Sorcery, Merciless and God Macabre with a few bigger acts like Carnage and Dismember. All of these acts have multiple demos or studio albums.

But what about the countless bands that only released demos and disappeared forever?

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Cave In Sinner
Slipknot BloodDuster
Anthrax Kataklysm
Kalibas Celestial Ode
Godsmack Majesty
Usurper Advent
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Metallica
Vyndykator Circle of Nero
Tungsten Fireball Ministry
Artension Victory
Evanesce Drillpoint
Pink Cream 69 Out of the Lair
Soul Reaper Dreamaker
Soil Scala Mercalli
Babylon Mystery Orchestra Ebony Ark
Bleeding Inc Outworld
Epica Amityville Whore
Skyfire Edge Of Forever
Gamma Ray Judas Priest
Dragonspoon Cyst
Spiral Madness Destructor
Fireaxe Joey Belladonna
Bonfire Potential Threat SF
Occult Dark Age
Unearth Medusa
Scavenger Marshall Law
Neurosis Throcult
Incantation Mirror of Deception
Karmakanic Twisted Sister
Napalm Death Gods Of Fire
Ligeia The Apocalyptic Riders
Lost Soul Hellfueled
Dirt Desire Black
Backyard Babies Antares
Oathean Derek Sherinian
Thunderblast Gizmachi
Green Carnation Disbelief
Embraze Defleshed
Communic Nuse
Evemaster Monolithe
Prowler Inc. Gemini 5
Sebastian Bach Frameless Scar
Widow Wetwork
Havochate Clutch
Iron Maidens Warchild
Octavia Sperati Loits
Peccatum Russell Allen
Sun O))) Casus Belli
Shattersphere Phantom X
Mistress Spellbound
Cryogen Chain Collector
Machina Pile of Heads
Southern Black Sand Tandjent
Blackmore's Night Poison
Beyond Fear Upwards of Endtime
Wolves in the Throne Room Hell-Born
Cryptopsy Manngard
Ampast Cataract
Candlemass Hirax
Speed/Kill/Hate Bludgeon
Hate Profile Stormcrow
Abysmal Dawn Royal Hunt
Cult of Luna Bloodbound
Space Odyssey Dendura
Psycroptic Scary Manilow
Woodtemple Wednesday 13
Zero Hour Death Breath
The Finals Twinball
Darkness Eternal With Passion
Onslaught Throne of Katarsis
In This Moment Old Man's Child
Satariel The Prophecy
Manes Tears
Denial Fiend Glorior Belli
Cauldron Hell N' Diesel
Keldian Destynation
Mongrel Mass Extinction
Pathology Father Befouled
Demonic Symphony The Obsessed
Trivium Souls Of We
Iron Fire Coffins
Mustasch Caliban
Giant Squid Suffocation