Playlists 100: Halloween Playlist No. 1
10/17/2019 by Frank Hill

Horror and metal often go together in bloddy embrace.

Staffer Eric Compton gave us some of his favorites for the scary season. If you wanted something a little different while you're enjoying the night of spooks...

Read his picks here: [Full Column Link]

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The Kovenant Slipknot
Vehemence Big Dumb Face
BloodDuster Misery Index
Poisonblack Goatwhore
December Gun Barrel
Celestial Ode Warhorse
Dr. Butcher Valley's Eve
Conquest Pelican
Goat Horn Endless Time
Byfist Catch 22
Iced Earth Paragon
Sevendust Kilfast
Stryper Vhaldemar
Thunderstone Halloween
Krisiun Brides of Destruction
Neverland downBleed
Freakhouse Icon And The Black Roses
Gamma Ray Low Earth Orbit
Iron Angel Zaius
Joe Stump Krokus
Therion Goatsnake
Scorpions Rhapsody of Fire
Final Dawn Shadows Fall
Unearth Nashville Pussy
Katagory V Valume Nob
Chris Caffery Slowlife
Tartharia Mine
Silent Force Anger
Seventh One Jackyl
The 7 Method Hanzel Und Gretyl
Tsjuder Sonata Arctica
Azrael's Bane Feared Creation
Motley Crue Helgrind
Image Impaled
Veni Domine Astral Doors
Sabaton Yyrkoon
Tarot Mechanical Poet
Suidakra Ravensthorn
Mystic Prophecy Cemetary
Antares Stormwarrior
Kaamos Marduk
Chaoswave Freedom Call
Novembers Doom Omegalord
Kryoburn Thunderblast
Ramesses Burden Of Grief
Green Carnation Disbelief
Groundcrew Raging Speedhorn
Goddess Of Desire Circus Maximus
Nuse Monolithe
Prowler Inc. Alice Cooper
Sheavy Clutch
Iron Maidens Loits
Redemption Bolt Thrower
Phantom X Mistress
Cryogen Doomfoxx
Avulsed The Classic Struggle
The Tenth Circle Torture Killer
Early Man Pile of Heads
Witchery Across Tundras
Tandjent Poison
286 Scum
Leviathan/Sapthuran Viron
Manngard The Smackdown
Candlemass Royal Hunt
Cult of Luna Destruction
Paul Bonrud Myon
Isis Rotting Christ
Sathanas Cheva
Extium Starkweather
Quest of Aidance Steve Cone
Battered Static-X
Lord Belial Chrome Division
Textures Spit Like This
Nominon Denial Fiend
The Wonderfools Randy Ellefson
Himsa Destynation
Diamond Dogs Heresi
Averse Sefira Demonic Symphony
Aetherius Obscuritas Witchfinder General
To-Mera Winterfylleth
Battleroar Sister Sin