Playlists 100: Vampire Songs in Metal
10/1/2019 by Frank Hill

It is the season of the witch once again and what better way to roll in the pumpkins than our very own metal celebration.

To celebrate the Halloween season, we've compiled some of the best metal tracks inspired by vampire mythology. Sink your teeth in.

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HammerFall Grave
Chaingunn Immolation
Disturbed Rebellion
Deceased Anthrax
December Symphorce
Dirty Power Seether
Ravage Sickspeed
Powergod Black Label Society
Endless Time Shakra
Artension Wycked Synn
Savatage Tad Morose
Silent Scythe Windseeker
Halloween Lacuna Coil
Brides of Destruction Deivos
Out of the Lair Fear Factory
Death Angel Drowning Pool
Superchrist Jaw
Bang The Union downBleed
Freakhouse Deep Purple
Zaius Feinstein
Goatsnake Joey Belladonna
Saxon Imp
Nashville Pussy Otep
Theocracy Katagory V
Division Scavenger
Chris Caffery Marshall Law
GWAR Throcult
Arch Enemy Dark Tranquillity
Code Black Ligeia
The New Breed Kings X
Necrophagia Icarus Witch
Angtoria Nevermore
Chuck Schuldiner the missing:
Diecast God Fear None
Omegalord Bruce Dickinson
Frantic Bleep Lord Gore
Soul SirkUS Swallow The Sun
Sinisthra Babylon
Shade Empire Pro-Pain
Mirador Ektomorf
Nuse Horna
Gemini 5 Dam
Gaia Nightvision
Thor Fates Warning
Warchild Loits
Dirty Americans Ignarus
Casus Belli Shattersphere
Ewigkeit Phantom X
Vile Urizen
Define Divine Mastermind
Skullshifter Torture Killer
Vader End of Level Boss
Taunusheim Mental Care Foundation
Sepultura Cardinale
Upwards of Endtime Daylight Dies
Boris Leviathan/Sapthuran
Vore Phoenix Mourning
Warrant (Amer) Vreid
Stormcrow TK-421
Spawn of Possession Vengeance
Abominant Setherial
Lordi Demise
Extium Middian
Kotipelto Handful of Hate
Phazm Diagnose: Lebensgefahr
Omnium Gatherum Terry Sullivan
Static-X Cruachan
Nagelfar Mithras
Katrina Johansson Kruger
The Wonderfools Nation Beyond
Temple Of Blood Diamond Dogs
Night Ranger Dantesco
Glenn Hughes Gutted With Broken Glass
Deceiver Father Befouled
The Obsessed Last Stone Cast
Burzum Virgin Black
Medieval Steel Son of Eric
Luna Mortis Mustasch
Sotajumala Raven