New Concert Report and Interview with Deen Castronovo of The Dead Daisies!
10/10/2018 by Frank Hill

If a man (in this case a drummer/singer) can be judged by the company he keeps, it would stand to reason that Deen Castronovo is part of rock and roll royalty. Sharing his talents with the likes of Paul Rodgers, Journey and Revolution Saints, just to name a few.

Currently Deen is hitting the skins as the drummer and backup vocalist for The Dead Daisies. They are currently touring the planet to support their latest release called, 'Burn It Down.' If touring with a rock and roll band wasn't enough to keep them busy, they also have been performing at Guitar Centers in the USA, doing an all-acoustic set, plus meet and greet events for their fans.

Joanne Laroche was able to get Deen away from his very busy schedule to chat with me about touring with The Dead Daisies. Check out the interview here: [Full Interview Link] and the Concert Report here: [Report Link]

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