New Interview with James Kottak Drummer of Kingdom Come!
9/26/2018 by Frank Hill

Formed in 1987, Kingdom Come is a band that stepped onto the hard rock scene with all of the attitude a band needed. Strong riffs, an in your face beat, and a voice that could not be forgotten. They came on strong and were part of hard rock royalty in no time playing arenas and festivals all of the world, including, Monsters of Rock and The Moscow Music Peace Festival.

With their bluesy rhythms sending them high on the charts, their first single, "Get It On" and the melodic ballad of "What Love Can Be," they set the bar high even in the then saturated late 80s hard rock/heavy metal scenes. They became synonymous with bands such as Van Halen, Dokken, and the Scorpions, who later drummer James Kottak would join for over 20+ years of a rock and roll hurricane.

Joanne Laroche spoke to James just as he was about to walk into rehearsals to talk about the upcoming Kingdom Come 2018 Reunion tour and all of the pieces that came together for this 30th Anniversary tour to happen. Check out the interview here: [Full Interview Link]

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