New Column: "From the Boobtube to Youtube: Getting Media Then & Now"!
7/13/2018 by Frank Hill

For decades, the only way to see the sort of frowned upon media of the metal/comics/wrestling worlds was through VHS tape trading. Now, one simply hovers their sweet little finger on the YouTube app and that world of tape trading disappears. Poof.

In its place is a window of opportunity, a map of wonder that allows you to search for anyone, anything from just about any electric age. You want Mercyful Fate coffee shop footage? Easy. The real pain now is deciding which videos to watch from what year and on which screen. YouTube is on everything I touch. My television has it built in. My Blu-ray player. My Apple TV. My PC, phone and iPad all have this magical portal to media Shangri-La.

Check out our full write-up here…[Full Column Link]

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