New Michael Schenker Fest Concert Report and Gallery Pics!
3/23/2018 by Frank Hill

When I heard that guitar virtuoso Michael Schenker was heading back on tour along with such powerhouse vocalists as Robin McAuley [MSG, Survivor], Gary Barden [MSG], Graham Bonnet [Rainbow, MSG) as well as Doogie White [Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force]. I wondered how exactly that would work during a show. That's quite the line-up of talented vocalists who have withstood the test of hard rock time. Well, to my amazement it kicked some major ass.

Normally during a Michael Schenker concert, it is all about the guitar playing. It is the focal point and rightfully so. However, even if Michael Schenker Fest fans came for the guitars, what they got was some amazingly talented vocalists belting out some of the most renowned songs of Schenker's decades long career. They each sang several songs and spent a great deal of time on stage and played from an extensive catalog of songs featuring: UFO, Scorpions, MSG and some new classics

Read Joanne Laroche's full concert report here: [Full Column Link]

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Anvil Leng Tch'e
Racer X Karaboudjan
Misery Index Disturbed
Symphorce Circle II Circle
Usurper Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Sickspeed Wizard
Angel Dust Power of Omens
Dr. Butcher Exawatt
Byfist Nicta
SelfInflicted Bloodbath
Chainsnap Kilfast
Steel Preacher Rob Rock
Edguy Iron Savior
Shiva Killik
Leash Law Bleeding Inc
Outworld Spiral Madness
De Lirium's Order Juggernott
Devil In The Kitchen Therion
Mob Rules Ungodly
Scorpions Black Destiny
Psychotron Lullacry
Unearth Medusa
Nashville Pussy Conquestador
Incantation Rush
Napalm Death Azrael's Bane
Cradle To Grave Entombed
Miles Beyond Hellfueled
Kamelot Quiet Riot
Necrophagia Chuck Schuldiner
Cemetary Marduk
Chaoswave Derek Sherinian
Bleed The Sky Raintime
Fastkill Grand Magus
Impiety Shade Empire
Biss Graveworm
God Among Insects Goddess Of Desire
Secrets She Kept Slik Helvetika
Prowler Inc. Gaia
Frameless Scar Nightvision
Devil Lee Rot Resurrecturis
A Lower Deep Nuclear Assault
Peccatum Algol3
Balatonizer Dechrist
Crystal Ball Asrai
Skullshifter Zero Down
The Tenth Circle Dogs Of Winter
Torture Killer Dismember
Absu From This Day
Totalisti Ephel Duath
Codeon Nikki Puppet
Thyrane Clawfinger
Manngard The Smashup
Down Factor Nicodemus
Abysmal Dawn Before Silence
Jotunspor Azure
Swashbuckle Skid Row
Mouth of the Architect Burialmound
The Ruins of Beverast Death Breath
Abominant Battle Bratt
Zoroaster Isis
Rotting Christ Audrey Horne
Escape The Fate Starkweather
Lecherous Nocturne Steve Cone
Phazm Twisted Into Form
Blood Tsunami Throne of Katarsis
Crescent Shield Dezperadoz
Grenouer Five Finger Death Punch
Pentacle Denial Fiend
Warner Drive Trenchfoot
Glorior Belli Lipstick Magazine
Hearse Faith And Fire
Keep of Kalessin Temple Of Blood
Pathosray Spheric Universe Experience
Distorted Mass Extinction
Dantesco Alkemyst
Averse Sefira I Shalt Become
Rosetta Jesus Martyr
Burzum Kreator
Equilibrium Trinacria
Iron Fire Deadsea
Crown The Lost Giant Squid