New Michael Schenker Fest Concert Report and Gallery Pics!
3/23/2018 by Frank Hill

When I heard that guitar virtuoso Michael Schenker was heading back on tour along with such powerhouse vocalists as Robin McAuley [MSG, Survivor], Gary Barden [MSG], Graham Bonnet [Rainbow, MSG) as well as Doogie White [Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force]. I wondered how exactly that would work during a show. That's quite the line-up of talented vocalists who have withstood the test of hard rock time. Well, to my amazement it kicked some major ass.

Normally during a Michael Schenker concert, it is all about the guitar playing. It is the focal point and rightfully so. However, even if Michael Schenker Fest fans came for the guitars, what they got was some amazingly talented vocalists belting out some of the most renowned songs of Schenker's decades long career. They each sang several songs and spent a great deal of time on stage and played from an extensive catalog of songs featuring: UFO, Scorpions, MSG and some new classics

Read Joanne Laroche's full concert report here: [Full Column Link]

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· Leng Tch'e· Mudvayne
· Slipknot· White Skull
· Karaboudjan· Exmortem
· Disturbed· Narziß
· Deranged· Machine Head
· Commit Suicide· Seven Witches
· Majesty· Mark Boals
· Usurper· Ring of Fire
· Crematorium· Firewind
· Wizard· Valley's Eve
· Vyndykator· Pelican
· Brainstorm· Goat Horn
· Endless Time· Byfist
· Agony Divine· Nicta
· Saint· Biomechanical
· Dragonforce· Bloodbath
· Rob Rock· Sinergy
· Tad Morose· Attacker
· Fairyland· Tesla
· Soil· Superchrist
· Ebony Ark· Evanescence
· downBleed· Leash Law
· Messiah's Kiss· Graveland
· Skyfire· Disarmonia Mundi
· Donnerkopf· Edge Of Forever
· Gamma Ray· Metalium
· Highlord· Jorn
· Joe Stump· De Lirium's Order
· Juggernott· Chapter VIII
· Scorpions· Lilitu
· Metal Church· Rhapsody of Fire
· Final Dawn· Lullacry
· Medusa· Scavenger
· I.C.E.· Polterchrist
· Conquestador· Six Feet Under
· Haunted By Angels· Silent Force
· Sonata Arctica· Mercenary
· Crowbar· Scenteria
· Image· Kings X
· Belef· Veni Domine
· Korpiklaani· Nevermore
· Apocalyptica· Backyard Babies
· Crimson Moonlight· Antares
· Meshuggah· Drunkard
· Callenish Circle· Def Leppard
· Agents Of Man· Python
· Graveworm· Maximum Overdrive
· Subterranean Masquerade· Unshine
· Evemaster· Supagroup
· Leaves Eyes· Fates Warning
· Holy Blood· Morgana Lefay
· A Lower Deep· Flotsam & Jetsam
· Warchild· Octavia Sperati
· Peccatum· Eternal Reign
· Armored Saint· Winterfell
· Bolt Thrower· Third Degree
· The Absence· Spellbound
· Cryogen· Asrai
· Mastermind· Enforsaken
· Nobody's Fool· Mental Care Foundation
· Pile of Heads· Second Shadow
· Cardinale· Ephel Duath
· Nikki Puppet· Leviathan/Sapthuran
· Manngard· The Smashup
· Dream Or Nightmare· TK-421
· She Said Destroy· Scary Manilow
· Wednesday 13· Setherial
· Belphegor· Enochian Crescent
· Amputated· Cult of Daath
· Darkness Eternal· Starkweather
· In This Moment· Pantera
· Five Finger Death Punch· Gotthard
· Denial Fiend· Retrospective
· The Wonderfools· Nation Beyond
· Hellveto· Depressed Mode
· Cauldron· Pathology
· Orthodox· Ost Est Ima
· Aetherius Obscuritas· Pop Evil
· Straight Line Stitch· Bible Of The Devil
· Deadsea· UFOmammut
· Coffins· Raven
· Dark Castle