Looking Back at the Metal Horror Film "Trick or Treat"
10/27/2017 6:05:00 PM by Frank Hill

In 1986, heavy metal was riding on one of its biggest commercial waves ever. You had rock bands like Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Quiet Riot, Def Leppard, Ratt, Tesla, and Twisted Sister; speed metal from Yngwie, Helloween, and Grave Digger; power metal from Dio, Scorpions, and Iron Maiden; thrash metal from Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth, and Slayer. Life was good being there live and in living color.

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· Loudness· Nightwish
· Opeth· The Haunted
· Grave· Vicious Mary
· Regurgitate· Narziß
· Goatwhore· Symphorce
· Norma Jean· Manowar
· Abigor· Nicta
· Godiva· Bloodbath
· Artension· Runemagick
· Dream Weaver· Malstrom
· Drillpoint· Wicked Sensation
· Asperity· Soil
· Funerus· Celesty
· Construcdead· Ebony Ark
· Leash Law· Joe Stump
· Feinstein· Insomnium
· Images of Eden· Tearabyte
· Unearth· Medusa
· Nashville Pussy· Chris Caffery
· Jamie. St. James· Silent Force
· The 7 Method· Tristania
· Azrael's Bane· Fifth Cross
· Helgrind· Lost Soul
· Veni Domine· Dirt
· Soulscar· Angtoria
· Backyard Babies· the missing:
· Severe Torture· Kinrick
· Swallow The Sun· Shade Empire
· Def Leppard· Embraze
· Agents Of Man· Mirador
· Slough Feg· Horna
· Leaves Eyes· Sebastian Bach
· Dam· The Father Panic Riot Orchestra
· Frameless Scar· Nightvision
· Devil Lee Rot· Morgana Lefay
· Octavia Sperati· Mercyful Fate
· Redemption· Orphaned Land
· Avenged Sevenfold· Spellbound
· Dreamland· Ram-Zet
· Urizen· Mastermind
· Zero Down· Khold
· Grimfist· Sepultura
· Powerglove· Naked Beggars
· Tandjent· Lair Of The Minotaur
· Tris Katone· Pyramaze
· Bal-Sagoth· Cavalar
· Athanator· Cataract
· Theater of Tragedy· Agalloch
· From the Grave· I
· The Ruins of Beverast· Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers
· Wastefall· Cult of Daath
· Biolich· Lordi
· Escape The Fate· Deicide
· Celtic Frost· Quest of Aidance
· Handful of Hate· Blood Tsunami
· Hardcore Superstar· Onslaught
· Madking Ludwig· Nagelfar
· Satariel· Trenchfoot
· Blut Aus Nord· JR Ewing
· Sworn Enemy· Cauldron
· Deceiver· Last Stone Cast
· Embalming Theatre· Trinacria
· Medieval Steel· Crown The Lost