New Metal Marquee: Iron Kobra!
9/29/2017 6:17:00 PM by Frank Hill

In the realms of New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal the typical sound is modeled from the 1979-1983 era, that time frame represented so well by the newer legions in Enforcer, Cauldron, The Dagger and Black Trip. Germany's Iron Kobra represents a cross-section of the traditional metal movement made famous decades ago by the likes of Cirith Ungol, Warlord, Virgin Steele and Manilla Road. That sound has been perfected for years by droves of new bands throughout the 90s and 00s. Much like Solemnity, Ironsword and Battleroar, Iron Kobra have produced a consistent stream of quality work over the course of nine years. Read our look at Iron Kobra here... [Full Column Link]

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Anvil Nightwish
Vehemence White Skull
Vicious Mary Immolation
Poisonblack Twelfth Gate
Cradle of Filth Celestial Ode
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Carnal Forge Brainstorm
Goat Horn Agony Divine
SelfInflicted Dragonforce
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Images of Eden Occult
Theocracy Polterchrist
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Arch Enemy The Lizards
Tristania John Oliva's Pain
Azrael's Bane Bloody Sign
Gods Of Fire The Apocalyptic Riders
Blood Red Throne Requiem Aeternam
Veni Domine Hibria
Suidakra Alex Skolnick Trio
Omegalord Axis Of Perdition
Drunkard Kinrick
Swallow The Sun Thunderblast
Babylon Green Carnation
Biss Rudra
Raging Speedhorn Python
Circus Maximus Voyager
Widow Impaled Nazarene
Sheavy Painmuseum
Lake Of Tears Illuminatus
Monster Magnet ASG
The Firstborn Barcode
Avenged Sevenfold Sinocence
Dogs Of Winter Hate
End of Level Boss Early Man
Grimfist End My Sorrow
Totalisti Southern Black Sand
Powerglove Tandjent
Upwards of Endtime Clawfinger
Event Horizon The Ocean
Valhalla Silver Dirt
Athanator Cataract
Candlemass Dream Or Nightmare
Bludgeon Abysmal Dawn
Dawn of Azazel Bloodbound
Azure Destruction
Skid Row Agalloch
Fleshgore Zero Hour
Isis Mastodon
Rotting Christ Twinball
Biolich Lordi
The Showdown Darkness Eternal
Extium Twisted Into Form
The Gathering Throne of Katarsis
Blood of the Black Owl Nagelfar
Cattle Decapitation Pentacle
Since the Day Blut Aus Nord
Malevolent Creation Kruger
Funeral Nation Beyond
Sworn Enemy Depressed Mode
Keep of Kalessin Mass Extinction
Averse Sefira I Shalt Become
Aetherius Obscuritas Kreator
Godhead The More I See
Iron Fire Kiuas
Battleroar Raven