New Metal Marquee: Iron Kobra!
9/29/2017 6:17:00 PM by Frank Hill

In the realms of New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal the typical sound is modeled from the 1979-1983 era, that time frame represented so well by the newer legions in Enforcer, Cauldron, The Dagger and Black Trip. Germany's Iron Kobra represents a cross-section of the traditional metal movement made famous decades ago by the likes of Cirith Ungol, Warlord, Virgin Steele and Manilla Road. That sound has been perfected for years by droves of new bands throughout the 90s and 00s. Much like Solemnity, Ironsword and Battleroar, Iron Kobra have produced a consistent stream of quality work over the course of nine years. Read our look at Iron Kobra here... [Full Column Link]

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