New Video Interview with Sabbath Assembly!
9/22/2017 6:17:00 PM by Frank Hill

The New York and Texas-based band Sabbath Assembly has a history that has caused some metal fans--purists in particular--to be a bit confused when first exposed to them, with much of their early material in particular hardly even being recognizable as metal by most definitions.

Their new release, Rites Of Passage, finds the band making a second major leap forward from an artistic standpoint, building on the harder foundation of the previous album while adding both cohesiveness and musical intricacy. As it turns out, it is also a much more personal statement from the band. Here, Myers and guitarist Ron Varod (also of Kayo Dot)--who joined after the release of the self-titled album to help Hufnagel duplicate its guitar parts live--talk with Maximum Metal's Vinaya Saksena about what led to the creation of this compelling album, as well as what may come next. [Full Interview Link]

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