Metal Marquee: The Debut of Our Newest Column with British Artist--Nhor!
8/11/2017 7:15:14 PM by Frank Hill

In the ever-changing soundscape that is heavy metal, we as metal fans find band upon band that is relatively unknown or even obscure. With a genre that is saturated with so many bands, it's hard to listen to all of them or to find bands that break the mold and really stand out. Yet, there are bands out there that are real diamonds in the rough, bands that resonate with us on a very deep level and that really push the envelope as far as creativity and ingenuity is concerned.

In this new column, Metal Marquee, we will examine bands and artists that fit this example and just give a little synopsis of the band/artist's history and how they have made their mark on the heavy metal world. Read our first issue look at Nhor here... [Full Column Link]

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· Cave In· Hate Eternal
· In Flames· Lost Horizon
· The Haunted· Chaingunn
· BloodDuster· Immolation
· Grave Digger· Deceased
· Narziß· Cradle of Filth
· Twisted Tower Dire· Machine Head
· Kalibas· Seven Witches
· Overkill· Ring of Fire
· Dark Moor· Metallica
· Dr. Butcher· Circle of Nero
· Ion Vein· Catch 22
· Lanfear· Rob Rock
· Sinergy· Attacker
· Fraise· Force Of Evil
· Black Stone Cherry· Silver Mountain
· Drowning Pool· Gothic Knights
· Exodus· Evanescence
· Bang The Union· Amityville Whore
· David Shankle Group· Gamma Ray
· Nova Lex· Ministry
· Spiral Madness· House of Lords
· Fireaxe· Vox Tempus
· Aina· Unearth
· Division· Z02
· Valume Nob· Neurosis
· Tartharia· Mine
· Ironhorse· Trans-Siberian Orchestra
· The 7 Method· Tsjuder
· Angra· Creed
· Kinetic· Paradise Lost
· Blood Red Throne· Seige of Hate
· Quiet Riot· Astral Doors
· Hibria· Sabaton
· Carbomb· Carina Alfie
· Apocalyptica· the missing:
· Darkthrone· Samael
· Oathean· Freedom Call
· Meshuggah· Drunkard
· Strapping Young Lad· Grand Magus
· Groundcrew· Python
· Communic· Slough Feg
· Unshine· Secrets She Kept
· Evemaster· Gemini 5
· Killing Spree· Power Quest
· Widow· Resurrecturis
· Wetwork· Peccatum
· Dragonia· 1349
· Forever Slave· Mabon
· Shattersphere· Running Wild
· Savage Circus· Dechrist
· Mistress· Doomfoxx
· Gojira· Overmars
· Midnight Idols· Dogs Of Winter
· Torture Killer· Vanquished
· Early Man· Naked Beggars
· Ephel Duath· The Berzerker
· Tris Katone· Moonspell
· The Ocean· Viron
· The Smackdown· The Smashup
· Athanator· Candlemass
· Nicodemus· Speed/Kill/Hate
· The Sword· Sun Descends
· Azure· Swashbuckle
· Dendura· Time Requiem
· From the Grave· Abominant
· Anata· Setherial
· Battle Bratt· Wastefall
· Zoroaster· Biolich
· Audrey Horne· Cheva
· Starkweather· Centinex
· With Passion· Omnium Gatherum
· Mindgrinder· Crescent Shield
· Dezperadoz· Grenouer
· White Wizzard· Divine Empire
· Gotthard· Kruger
· Ulcerate· JR Ewing
· The Wonderfools· Fight
· Cauldron· Destynation
· Averse Sefira· Shining Star
· Rosetta· Demonic Symphony
· Jesus Martyr· Bullet For My Valentine
· Alestorm· Iron Fire
· End of Man· Place Of Skulls
· UFOmammut· Winterfylleth
· Ihsahn· Sotajumala
· Giant Squid