Just What is Metal Condonation?
5/19/2017 4:04:26 PM by Frank Hill

When you overlook what you had felt was a past transgression, you're in the territory of condonation

Metallica...Motley Crue...KISS, Machine Head, In Flames, Iron Maiden and less notables like Kreator, Grave Digger, Destruction and Helloween...the list could go on and on but you get the idea--we hated them, despised their existence, removed the stickers, posters and flags and a few years later re-declared our love for them by buying show tickets, a shirt, a "comeback" album and general swank.

We condoned the behavior and committed official Metal Condonation.

Read Eric Compton's column here: [Full Column Link]

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Bathory HammerFall
In Flames The Kovenant
Racer X Scanner
Opeth Sinner
Steel Prophet Grave
Twilight Odyssey Dokken
Grave Digger Deceased
Twelfth Gate Symphorce
Kalibas Warhorse
Usurper Rawhead Rexx
Legend Crematorium
Dr. Butcher Carnal Forge
Tungsten Evolution
Biomechanical Dragonforce
Curriculum Mortis Assrockers
Halloween Attacker
Krisiun Fraise
Probot Brides of Destruction
Body Count Doro
Node Funerus
downBleed Deep Purple
Amityville Whore Donnerkopf
Metalium Low Earth Orbit
Jorn U.D.O.
Cyst Joe Stump
Acrid Ungodly
Goatsnake Bonfire
Unleashed Skeletonwitch
Lilitu After Forever
Killswitch Engage Wintersun
Nashville Pussy Division
Megadeth Marshall Law
House of Shakira Neurosis
Tartharia Conquestador
Six Feet Under Arch Enemy
Acheron Ironhorse
Emerald Sun Gods Of Fire
The New Breed The Apocalyptic Riders
Miles Beyond Crionics
Kamelot Dirt
Necrophagia Suidakra
the missing: Stormwarrior
Severe Torture Oathean
Freedom Call God Fear None
Magica Sinisthra
Babylon Grand Magus
Burden Of Grief Def Leppard
Hatesphere Graveworm
God Among Insects Ektomorf
Sentenced Circus Maximus
Nuse Slik Helvetika
Alice Cooper Nightvision
Cannon Resurrecturis
Loits Redemption
Black Majesty Eternal Reign
Armored Saint Crystal Fate
Penetrator Avenged Sevenfold
Thrones Asrai
Mastermind The Classic Struggle
The Tenth Circle Detonation
End of Level Boss Taunusheim
Grimfist Brother Hawk
Fallen Wisdom Ephel Duath
Scum The Berzerker
Leviathan/Sapthuran The Ocean
Vore Manngard
The Sword Stormcrow
Sun Descends Michael Orlando
Vengeance Swashbuckle
Skid Row Time Requiem
Shadows Within Abominant
Myon Oblomov
Eighteen Visions Audrey Horne
Escape The Fate Deicide
Centinex Southern Gentleman
Battered Lord Belial
Mindgrinder Marc Sasso
Chrome Division Gotthard
Hacride Pentacle
Transmission 0 Glorior Belli
Lipstick Magazine Kruger
Ulcerate Ensiferum
Spheric Universe Experience Mongrel
Night Ranger Averse Sefira
Gutted With Broken Glass Rosetta
Deceiver Burzum
Embalming Theatre Uriah Heep
Crown The Lost Earthen Grave