Just What is Metal Condonation?
5/19/2017 4:04:26 PM by Frank Hill

When you overlook what you had felt was a past transgression, you're in the territory of condonation

Metallica...Motley Crue...KISS, Machine Head, In Flames, Iron Maiden and less notables like Kreator, Grave Digger, Destruction and Helloween...the list could go on and on but you get the idea--we hated them, despised their existence, removed the stickers, posters and flags and a few years later re-declared our love for them by buying show tickets, a shirt, a "comeback" album and general swank.

We condoned the behavior and committed official Metal Condonation.

Read Eric Compton's column here: [Full Column Link]

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Cave In The Kovenant
LA Guns Mudvayne
Slipknot The Great Deceiver
Vehemence White Skull
Big Dumb Face Tiamat
Deceased Anthrax
Gun Barrel Godflesh
Rawhead Rexx Mortician
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Liege Lord
Cage Vyndykator
Hammerwhore Saint
Catch 22 SelfInflicted
Inner Rage of Emotion Chainsnap
Artension The Graveyard Boulevard
Malstrom Sinergy
Guardians Of Time Whitesnake
Slayer Three Inches of Blood
Killik Funerus
UFO Wolf
David Shankle Group Highlord
Lonewolf Judas Priest
Hatework Joe Stump
Destructor Mob Rules
Vox Tempus Skeletonwitch
Images of Eden Annihilator
Jamie. St. James Dark Ruin
Acheron Anger
Jackyl Milkweed
Helgrind Miles Beyond
Hellfueled Soilwork
Dirt Necrophagia
Astral Doors Vicious Circle
Wolverine Cemetary
Marduk Derek Sherinian
Meshuggah Lord Gore
Soul SirkUS Operatika
Neil Turbin Burden Of Grief
Shade Empire Embraze
Blind Stare Mirador
God Among Insects Communic
Slough Feg Subterranean Masquerade
Dark Funeral Unchained
Unshine Circus Maximus
Voyager Resurrecturis
Wetwork Sheavy
Clutch Agents Of The Sun
Iron Maidens The Scourger
Peccatum Illuminatus
Black Majesty ASG
Bolt Thrower Sun O)))
Third Degree Thrones
Vile Infliction
Chain Collector Torture Killer
Gorefest Motorhead
Vanquished Machina
End of Level Boss Grimfist
Second Shadow Southern Black Sand
Ephel Duath Nikki Puppet
Scum Steep
Moonspell Upon Infliction
Royal Hunt Spawn of Possession
Hydrogyn Psycroptic
Vicious Rumors Woodtemple
Abominant Anata
Belphegor Myon
Eyes of Ligeia Lupara
Venom E-lane
Audrey Horne Extium
Blood Tsunami Lost Eden
Omnium Gatherum Terry Sullivan
Dream Theater Old Man's Child
Dezperadoz Marc Sasso
Cattle Decapitation Almah
Mithras Divine Empire
Hacride Katrina Johansson
Antigama Retrospective
Kruger Temple Of Blood
Ensiferum Night Ranger
Glenn Hughes Bilocate
Rosetta Straight Line Stitch
Vulture Industries Godhead
Medieval Steel Deadsea
Luna Mortis Raven
Suspyre Earthen Grave