"Beginnings & Influences": New Video Interview with Symphonic Metal Band Seven Spires!
4/14/2017 4:03:38 PM by Frank Hill

The Seven Spires story started in 2013, when vocalist Adrienne Cowan and guitarist Jack Kosto met while both were attending Boston's prestigious Berklee College of Music. Since then, the band has garnered an ever-growing reputation for both their exciting live shows and the meticulously crafted symphonic metal sound heard on their self-released 2014 EP "Cabaret Of Dreams."

Now, the band is preparing to release its first full-length album, an expanded version of "Cabaret." According to the band, the album will feature re-recordings of all of the EP material, plus newer songs that continue the story told on the EP.

This is the first of two video interviews Maximum Metal conducted with the band, in which Cowan and Kosto tell us about the beginnings of the band and the varied influences that have shaped their unique take on symphonic metal... [Full Interview Link]

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