The Rise of the "New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal"
3/20/2017 3:50:30 PM by Frank Hill

Kids are sporting back patches, shirts and stickers of bands that reached prominence over thirty years ago--nearly two lifetimes in comparison. We are witnessing droves of young metal fans donning the classic emblems of Maiden, Motorhead, Saxon and Venom, yet delving even deeper for the tattered reminders that underground NWOBHM was just as important. Angel Witch, Wildfire, Touched, Quartz, Steelwing, Enforcer, Jaguar and that ilk are on proud display worldwide.

Wait...Steelwing? Enforcer? Those are NEW bands.

Garbed in the clothing of 1978, young bands are fighting for their denim and leather cause. It's occurring in Sweden, Canada, Germany and the US as more and more new bands espouse the belief that NWOBHM is worthy of imitation, the flattered attempt to burke modern sensibility for more vintage virtues.

It's the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal.

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Anvil In Flames
Children Of Bodom Exmortem
Grave Digger Neck
Deranged Commit Suicide
Solace Seether
Godflesh Advent
Rawhead Rexx Legend
Alchemy X Vyndykator
Endless Time Fireball Ministry
Thunderbolt Wycked Synn
Curriculum Mortis Runemagick
Mourning Beloveth Steel Preacher
Lanfear Sludge!
Duke Eidolon
Savatage Drillpoint
Pink Cream 69 Murdercycle
Project: Failing Flesh Body Count
Secret Sphere Doro
Hard Echo Neverland
Mother Misery Soil
Shiva Superchrist
UFO Messiah's Kiss
Deep Purple Bleeding Inc
Wolf Edge Of Forever
Nova Lex Jorn
Zaius Dragonspoon
Dimmu Borgir Vox Tempus
Black Destiny Potential Threat SF
Eternal Flight Megadeth
Polterchrist Marshall Law
Throcult Dark Ruin
The Last Act Blind Guardian
Mirror of Deception Seventh One
Karmakanic John Oliva's Pain
Mercenary Of Infinity
Code Black Helgrind
Audiovision Blood Red Throne
Veni Domine Maze Of Torment
Necrophagia Darkthrone
Kaamos Boomerang
Omegalord Frantic Bleep
Neil Turbin Grand Magus
Burden Of Grief Rudra
Graveworm Naglfar
Dam The Father Panic Riot Orchestra
Clutch Warchild
Octavia Sperati Evergrey
Dirty Americans Sun O)))
Vinterriket Akercocke
Dreamland Doomfoxx
Asrai Zero Down
Torture Killer Decapitated
Grimfist Enforsaken
End My Sorrow Second Shadow
Katatonia 286
Event Horizon Leviathan/Sapthuran
Manngard Silver Dirt
Ampast The Sword
Bludgeon Stormcrow
Royal Hunt Spawn of Possession
Jotunspor Azure
She Said Destroy Warface
Agalloch Fleshgore
Skyforger Pretty Maids
Battle Bratt Thy Majestie
Amputated Isis
Teeth of the Hydra Eighteen Visions
Audrey Horne Winger
Celtic Frost Centinex
Blood Tsunami White Wizzard
Satariel Chrome Division
Textures Divine Empire
Gotthard Nominon
Transmission 0 Throneum
Sworn Enemy Depressed Mode
Hell N' Diesel Destynation
Alkemyst Orthodox
40 Below Summer Burzum
Uriah Heep Alestorm
The More I See Kiuas
Coffins Something Beautiful
Battleroar My Dying Bride