The Rise of the "New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal"
3/20/2017 3:50:30 PM by Frank Hill

Kids are sporting back patches, shirts and stickers of bands that reached prominence over thirty years ago--nearly two lifetimes in comparison. We are witnessing droves of young metal fans donning the classic emblems of Maiden, Motorhead, Saxon and Venom, yet delving even deeper for the tattered reminders that underground NWOBHM was just as important. Angel Witch, Wildfire, Touched, Quartz, Steelwing, Enforcer, Jaguar and that ilk are on proud display worldwide.

Wait...Steelwing? Enforcer? Those are NEW bands.

Garbed in the clothing of 1978, young bands are fighting for their denim and leather cause. It's occurring in Sweden, Canada, Germany and the US as more and more new bands espouse the belief that NWOBHM is worthy of imitation, the flattered attempt to burke modern sensibility for more vintage virtues.

It's the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal.

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Slipknot Vehemence
Grave Poisonblack
Dokken Rebellion
Grave Digger Deceased
Deranged Commit Suicide
Godsmack Ring of Fire
Vaginal Carnage Ravage
Wizard Metallica
Carnal Forge Cage
October 31 Goat Horn
Saint Catch 22
Iced Earth Paragon
Inner Rage of Emotion Biomechanical
Sevendust Wycked Synn
Kilfast Nordheim
Pharaoh Whitesnake
Krisiun Iron Savior
Royal Anguish Neverland
Shiva Superchrist
Cryonic Temple Gothic Knights
Funerus Amityville Whore
Metalium Joe Stump
Destructor Ungodly
Scorpions Joey Belladonna
Bonfire Dio
Jamie. St. James Neurosis
Within Temptation Silent Force
Anger Hanzel Und Gretyl
Behemoth Angra
Avenue F Napalm Death
Mercenary Fifth Cross
Paradise Lost Emerald Sun
The New Breed Audiovision
Entombed Requiem Aeternam
Dirt Sabaton
Chuck Schuldiner the missing:
Marduk Oathean
Meshuggah Magica
Fire Alley System Of A Down
Neil Turbin Slumber
Green Carnation Raging Speedhorn
Agents Of Man Naglfar
God Among Insects Darkane
Goddess Of Desire Unshine
Gemini 5 Resurrecturis
Havochate Holy Blood
Flotsam & Jetsam To The Bone
Loits Black Majesty
Monster Magnet Armored Saint
Violent Storm Avenged Sevenfold
Dechrist Cryogen
Bronx Casket Company God Forbid
Gorefest Absolution
Nobody's Fool Craft
End My Sorrow Thryfing
Codeon 286
Beyond Fear Nightmare
Dissection Tris Katone
Degree Absolute The Smashup
Ampast Nicodemus
Michael Orlando Unsilent Phenomenon
Bloodbound Scary Manilow
Burialmound Wednesday 13
Zero Hour The Abominable Iron Sloth
Mastodon Satyricon
Eyes of Ligeia Obtest
Audrey Horne Demise
Darkness Eternal Kotipelto
Quest of Aidance Stonegard
Lost Eden Warbringer
Grenouer Nagelfar
Divine Empire Manes
Blut Aus Nord Throneum
Architect Pathosray
Frosthardr Averse Sefira
Cockpit Gutted With Broken Glass
Last Stone Cast Vulture Industries
Equilibrium Iron Fire
Kiuas UFOmammut
Something Beautiful Caliban
Uli Jon Roth Dark Castle