New Interview with Chrome Molly!
3/10/2017 7:07:38 PM by Frank Hill

Leicester, England's Chrome Molly formed in 1982 on the back-end of the NWOBHM movement. Their first album, 'You Can't Have It All', was released in 1985. Thankfully, the band was rejuvenated in 2010 and released their proverbial comeback in 'Gunpowder Diplomacy'.

Last January, Chrome Molly released 'Hoodoo Voodoo' courtesy of earMUSIC. It was produced by longtime collaborator Toby Jepsen (Little Angels, Gun) and reinforces the notion that the 'Mollies have finally found a sound they've strived for since their conception. Maximum Metal's Eric Compton chatted with vocalist Steve Hawkins about the band's new record, shooting the video "You Can't Be Afraid of the Dark" and performing on stages with icons like Graham Bonnet and Alice Cooper.[Full Interview Link]

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