On the Horizon: 5 Bands to Watch in 2017!
2/24/2017 7:18:02 PM by Frank Hill

Heavy metal and hard rock isn't an unexplored phenomenon. Its musical landscape is in its fifth decade, leading many to wonder just how many stones are truly left unturned. The two genres have been expanded into countless hybrids, offshoots and sub-genres that leave even experienced fans like myself a bit overwhelmed. Now, with so many streaming avenues it's hard to even find a playlist or album to turn on without going down the rabbit hole of endless visuals and recommendations. I've narrowed down five bands to watch. The criteria? They have to be new bands with no more than two official full-length album releases. I am straying from extreme music because its future doesn't excite me that much. This list features youthful, energetic bands that play a form of hard music that's electrifying and speaks to me in some way.

See the bands here: [Full Column Link]

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Cathedral Cave In
LA Guns Leng Tch'e
Nightwish White Skull
Dirty Power Seven Witches
Queensryche Vaginal Carnage
Iron Maiden Rawhead Rexx
Fozzy Dark Moor
Sickspeed Crematorium
Powergod Carnal Forge
Vyndykator H.I.M.
Exawatt Sevendust
Victory Lanfear
Rob Rock Beautiful Creatures
Eidolon Mnemic
Hypocrisy Pharaoh
Fraise Hard Echo
F5 Force Of Evil
Node I Hate Sally
Black Stone Cherry Killik
Celesty UFO
W.A.S.P. Wolf
Icon And The Black Roses Gary Moore
Dragonspoon Hatework
Estuary Feinstein
Schenker/ Pattison Summit Krokus
Ungodly Vox Tempus
Dream Evil Final Dawn
Potential Threat SF Aina
Lullacry Otep
Z02 Neurosis
Throcult Silent Force
Blind Guardian Mirror of Deception
Angra Twisted Sister
Fifth Cross Milkweed
Kinetic Ligeia
Rottweiller Blood Red Throne
Corrosion Of Conformity Requiem Aeternam
Sabaton Yyrkoon
Argument Soul Chaoswave
Oathean Bruce Dickinson
Magica Kinrick
Neil Turbin Ramesses
Sinisthra Babylon
Grand Magus Throes of Dawn
Pro-Pain Disbelief
Sothis Darkane
Kult ov Azazel Gemini 5
Leaves Eyes Ritual Killer
Alice Cooper Morgana Lefay
Clutch The Atomic Bitchwax
Dragonia Penetrator
Casus Belli Third Degree
Dechrist Infliction
Dragonlord Absu
Beecher End of Level Boss
Nobody's Fool Totalisti
Tandjent Nightmare
Hell-Born Cryptopsy
The Ocean The Sword
Theater of Tragedy Jotunspor
Vengeance Destruction
Sahg Ynis Vitrin
Mouth of the Architect The Ruins of Beverast
Zoroaster Rotting Christ
Satyricon Cult of Daath
Venom Audrey Horne
Panzerchrist Extium
Middian Kotipelto
Centinex With Passion
Threat Signal Throne of Katarsis
Dezperadoz Cruachan
Nagelfar Incrave
White Willow Mithras
Divine Empire Hacride
Spit Like This Pentacle
Nominon Aborted
Denial Fiend Lipstick Magazine
David Galas Hearse
Faith And Fire Averse Sefira
Cockpit Gutted With Broken Glass
Deceiver Burzum
SOS Armory
Virgin Black Bible Of The Devil
Place Of Skulls Papa Roach
Coffins Mustasch
Crown The Lost Giant Squid