On the Horizon: 5 Bands to Watch in 2017!
2/24/2017 7:18:02 PM by Frank Hill

Heavy metal and hard rock isn't an unexplored phenomenon. Its musical landscape is in its fifth decade, leading many to wonder just how many stones are truly left unturned. The two genres have been expanded into countless hybrids, offshoots and sub-genres that leave even experienced fans like myself a bit overwhelmed. Now, with so many streaming avenues it's hard to even find a playlist or album to turn on without going down the rabbit hole of endless visuals and recommendations. I've narrowed down five bands to watch. The criteria? They have to be new bands with no more than two official full-length album releases. I am straying from extreme music because its future doesn't excite me that much. This list features youthful, energetic bands that play a form of hard music that's electrifying and speaks to me in some way.

See the bands here: [Full Column Link]

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The Great Deceiver Vehemence
White Skull Big Dumb Face
Misery Index Mondo Generator
Dokken Perzonal War
Neck Commit Suicide
Godflesh Vaginal Carnage
Advent Crematorium
Power of Omens Cage
Led Zeppelin Evolution
Catch 22 Iced Earth
Wycked Synn Beautiful Creatures
Duke Windseeker
Stalker Murdercycle
Lacuna Coil Project: Failing Flesh
Dew Scented Royal Anguish
Fairyland Black Stone Cherry
Celesty Scala Mercalli
Bang The Union W.A.S.P.
Epica Jorn
Iron Angel Ministry
Black Zodiac Spiral Madness
De Lirium's Order Destructor
Devil In The Kitchen Fireaxe
Metal Church Final Dawn
Wintersun Katagory V
Valume Nob Conquestador
Six Feet Under Arch Enemy
Within Temptation Negative Creeps
The 7 Method Behemoth
Creed Azrael's Bane
Helgrind Audiovision
Kings X Loudblast
Dirt Tarot
Soulscar Backyard Babies
Darkthrone Samael
Crimson Moonlight Alex Skolnick Trio
Omegalord Drunkard
Operatika System Of A Down
Neil Turbin Fastkill
Impiety Nightrage
Ivory Knight Blind Stare
Darkane Taake
Monolithe Killing Spree
Power Quest Cannon
Thor Edenbridge
Lake Of Tears Redemption
Before The Dawn Russell Allen
Ewigkeit Phantom X
Dreamland Avulsed
Urizen Gorefest
Taunusheim Pile of Heads
Totalisti Sepultura
Across Tundras Katatonia
Intronaut Ephel Duath
Thyrane The Berzerker
Clawfinger Degree Absolute
Silver Dirt Down Factor
Dream Or Nightmare Hirax
Bludgeon The Strongest Proof
Theater of Tragedy Azure
Space Odyssey She Said Destroy
Paul Bonrud From the Grave
Vicious Rumors Death Breath
Abominant Oblomov
Zoroaster Rotting Christ
Eighteen Visions Twinball
Lupara Venom
Middian Steve Cone
Gaza Threat Signal
Omnium Gatherum In This Moment
Dezperadoz Cruachan
Nagelfar White Wizzard
Textures Since the Day
Tears Blut Aus Nord
Keldian Diamond Dogs
Frosthardr Spheric Universe Experience
Night Ranger Mortiis
Celestia Mar De Grises
Place Of Skulls Coffins
Winterfylleth Nasty Idols
Eighteen Wheels Burning Something Beautiful
My Dying Bride Suspyre