On the Horizon: 5 Bands to Watch in 2017!
2/24/2017 5:25:08 PM by Frank Hill

Heavy metal and hard rock isn't an unexplored phenomenon. Its musical landscape is in its fifth decade, leading many to wonder just how many stones are truly left unturned. The two genres have been expanded into countless hybrids, offshoots and sub-genres that leave even experienced fans like myself a bit overwhelmed. Now, with so many streaming avenues it's hard to even find a playlist or album to turn on without going down the rabbit hole of endless visuals and recommendations. I've narrowed down five bands to watch.

The criteria? They have to be new bands with no more than two official full-length album releases. I am straying from extreme music because its future doesn't excite me that much. This list features youthful, energetic bands that play a form of hard music that's electrifying and speaks to me in some way.

See the bands here: [Full Column Link]

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Demons and Wizards LA Guns
Scanner Steel Attack
Advent Abigor
Alchemy X Circle of Nero
SelfInflicted Dragonforce
Victory King Diamond
Pink Cream 69 Whitesnake
TNA I Hate Sally
Cryonic Temple Gothic Knights
Madison Paige Outworld
Krokus Scorpions
Bonfire After Forever
Scavenger Age Of Silence
Slowlife Conquestador
Within Temptation Made of Iron
Anger Code Black
Rottweiller Hellfueled
Kamelot Korpiklaani
Angtoria the missing:
Darkthrone Cemetary
Chaoswave Fire Alley
Kryoburn Swallow The Sun
Burden Of Grief Manntis
Circus Maximus Devil Lee Rot
Widow Lake Of Tears
V:28 The Atomic Bitchwax
Black Majesty Monster Magnet
Winterfell Barcode
Ewigkeit Arthemis
Ram-Zet Infliction
Bronx Casket Company Dogs Of Winter
Vanquished Decapitated
Second Shadow Wolves in the Throne Room
Steep Cryptopsy
Leviathan/Sapthuran The Ocean
Phoenix Mourning Bal-Sagoth
Elvenking Nicodemus
The Strongest Proof Sun Descends
She Said Destroy Time Requiem
Warface Ynis Vitrin
Pretty Maids Teeth of the Hydra
Cult of Daath Venom
E-lane Celtic Frost
Centinex Twisted Into Form
Blood Tsunami The Gathering
Warbringer Lord Belial
White Wizzard Trouble
Rob Zombie Aborted
Denial Fiend Lipstick Magazine
Nation Beyond Fight
Keep of Kalessin Mass Extinction
Ride The Sky Mortiis
Moonshine Embalming Theatre
Virgin Black Trinacria
Intolerant Alestorm
Iron Fire Deadsea
Faded Hope Wolfgate
Something Beautiful Uli Jon Roth