A 90s Look at the Albums Metallica Should Have Made
1/27/2017 5:11:07 PM by Frank Hill

The 1991 -1996 period for Metallica fans was pure anguish.

That five-year period between Metallica albums wasn't a fair one. The lofty expectations were ultimately going to lead to disappointment even if 'Load' was far better than it was. It's just human nature. But the real fact of the matter is this; the metal community spent the middle to second half of the 90s saying they don't need Metallica anymore. They were quick to shuck their ties and move on. It was this early to late 90s period that saw Europe explode with energetic youth. In Flames, Entombed, Hypocrisy, Immortal, Amorphis, Edge of Sanity...they were all blooming with innovative techniques that pushed heavy metal into the next century and helped pioneer and define new sub-genres.

There were a ton of great records in the 90s...I can remember collecting back then and before even reading the press reviews I could sense that something exciting was happening with an album's release. I've listed a few of these here for you and some of my memories of the album and its impact on the 90s culture that was clamoring for a new Metallica record or a suitable replacement for what they considered a very failed offering in 'Load'.

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Vehemence BloodDuster
Karaboudjan Misery Index
Poisonblack Tiamat
Deranged Solace
Mark Boals Iron Maiden
Manowar Power of Omens
Alchemy X Vyndykator
Nicta Black Sabbath
SelfInflicted Bloodbath
The Graveyard Boulevard Mourning Beloveth
King Diamond Beautiful Creatures
Savatage Tad Morose
Pink Cream 69 Whitesnake
Brides of Destruction Asperity
Body Count Out of the Lair
Fairyland Tesla
F5 Volbeat
TNA Black Stone Cherry
Freakhouse Leash Law
Deep Purple W.A.S.P.
Kingcrow Wolf
Gamma Ray Joe Stump
Schenker/ Pattison Summit Metal Church
Saxon Katagory V
Megadeth Scavenger
Z02 Neurosis
Conquestador Witchburner
Six Feet Under Silent Force
Negative Creeps Overlorde
Behemoth Angra
Rush Creed
Triumph Napalm Death
Sonata Arctica Fifth Cross
The Mighty Nimbus Kings X
Maze Of Torment Quiet Riot
Sabaton Vicious Circle
Hellfire Mystic Prophecy
Wolverine Samael
Crimson Moonlight Argument Soul
Omegalord Axis Of Perdition
Fire Alley Gizmachi
Fastkill Nightrage
Defleshed Astarte
Mirador Amorphis
Vicious Art Brand New Sin
Secrets She Kept Alice Cooper
Nightvision Fates Warning
Devil Lee Rot Mercyful Fate
Redemption Dirty Americans
1349 Casus Belli
Third Degree Mabon
Arthemis Paths Of Possession
Ghost Machinery Mistress
Infliction Avulsed
Urizen Mastermind
Celebratum Virgin Steele
Powerglove Nikki Puppet
Nightmare Boris
Event Horizon The Ocean
Silver Dirt Cataract
Dream Or Nightmare Hirax
TK-421 Non-Human Level
Gorgoroth Scary Manilow
Ynis Vitrin Woodtemple
Abominant The Finals
Wastefall Thy Majestie
Lupara Venom
Obtest Lordi
Steve Cone Centinex
Battered Cruachan
Blood of the Black Owl Mendeed
Five Finger Death Punch Divine Empire
Malevolent Creation Hearse
Nation Beyond Destynation
Heresi Dantesco
Ride The Sky Aetherius Obscuritas
Blood Haven Straight Line Stitch
SOS Moonshine
Medieval Steel Uriah Heep
The More I See Deadsea
End of Man Battleroar
Raven Suspyre