A 90s Look at the Albums Metallica Should Have Made
1/27/2017 5:11:07 PM by Frank Hill

The 1991 -1996 period for Metallica fans was pure anguish.

That five-year period between Metallica albums wasn't a fair one. The lofty expectations were ultimately going to lead to disappointment even if 'Load' was far better than it was. It's just human nature. But the real fact of the matter is this; the metal community spent the middle to second half of the 90s saying they don't need Metallica anymore. They were quick to shuck their ties and move on. It was this early to late 90s period that saw Europe explode with energetic youth. In Flames, Entombed, Hypocrisy, Immortal, Amorphis, Edge of Sanity...they were all blooming with innovative techniques that pushed heavy metal into the next century and helped pioneer and define new sub-genres.

There were a ton of great records in the 90s...I can remember collecting back then and before even reading the press reviews I could sense that something exciting was happening with an album's release. I've listed a few of these here for you and some of my memories of the album and its impact on the 90s culture that was clamoring for a new Metallica record or a suitable replacement for what they considered a very failed offering in 'Load'.

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Anvil Scanner
Opeth Twilight Odyssey
Immolation Exmortem
Disturbed Neck
Impellitteri Twelfth Gate
Helloween Ravage
Crematorium Masterplan
Powergod Carnal Forge
Alchemy X Conquest
Pyn Siren Sinergy
Drillpoint Halloween
Attacker Edguy
Soul Reaper Royal Anguish
Messiah's Kiss Deep Purple
Outworld Disarmonia Mundi
Gamma Ray Gary Moore
Ministry Hatework
House of Lords De Lirium's Order
Juggernott Krokus
Bonfire Skeletonwitch
Black Destiny Rhapsody of Fire
Tearabyte Lullacry
Theocracy Annihilator
Scavenger I.C.E.
Necrodemon Jungle Rot
Neurosis Conquestador
Haunted By Angels The Lizards
Mirror of Deception Angra
Twisted Sister Triumph
Feared Creation Of Infinity
Scenteria Gods Of Fire
Ligeia Audiovision
Blood Red Throne Soilwork
Yyrkoon Car Bomb
Chuck Schuldiner Samael
Diecast Crimson Moonlight
Novembers Doom Bruce Dickinson
Soul SirkUS Holy Moses
Thunderblast Neil Turbin
Raintime Babylon
Throes of Dawn Ivory Knight
Disbelief Rudra
Mirador Naglfar
Slough Feg Goddess Of Desire
Unshine Nuse
Slik Helvetika Monolithe
Fates Warning Widow
Love Forsaken Flotsam & Jetsam
Nuclear Assault Evergrey
Dirty Americans Blood Thirsty Demons
Sun O))) Arthemis
The Absence Phantom X
Crystal Ball Define Divine
Zero Down The Tenth Circle
Vanquished Decapitated
Sodom Enforsaken
Nobody's Fool Pile of Heads
Totalisti Southern Black Sand
Beyond Fear Thyrane
Steep The Berzerker
Clawfinger Cryptopsy
Viron The Furor
Royal Hunt Cult of Luna
Vengeance Nachtmystium
Psycroptic From the Grave
Mouth of the Architect Death Breath
Pump The Finals
Battle Bratt Isis
Teeth of the Hydra Panzerchrist
Extium Gaza
Twisted Into Form Stonegard
Southern Gentleman Manticore
Merciless Death Marc Sasso
Chrome Division Textures
Divine Empire Gotthard
Malevolent Creation Randy Ellefson
Architect Temple Of Blood
Destynation Heresi
Puscifer Kreator
Hacksaw Surgery Luna Mortis
Coffins Nasty Idols
Eighteen Wheels Burning