(Stephen) King of Metal: His Influence on Hard Music!
10/29/2016 1:13:10 PM by Frank Hill

Stephen King is one of the most prolific writers of our modern time with over 350 million copies sold from the 67 novels and books he's published of contemporary horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy.

Within his works are many references to bands like the Ramones and AC/DC. King has stated that he likes heavy metal and has named Anthrax, Judas Priest and Metallica as amongst his favorites to write to.

Without an extensive cataloging of subjects, it's arguable which author has the highest influence on metal, but we grew up with Mr. King and many hard rock and heavy metal band members did as well using some of his subject matter within their own music. So, we have given our pound of flesh and compiled a master list of all the songs we could find related to his books. Read our column here: [Full Column Link]

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HammerFall The Kovenant
White Skull Poisonblack
Dokken Disturbed
Rebellion Stratovarius
Celestial Ode Queensryche
Circle II Circle Majesty
Fozzy Angel Dust
Late Nite Romeo Power of Omens
Exawatt Endless Time
Black Sabbath Iced Earth
Biomechanical Sevendust
Thunderbolt Artension
Crystal Eyes Beautiful Creatures
Stryper Eidolon
Mnemic Attacker
Pink Cream 69 Murdercycle
Probot Node
Shiva Death Angel
Silver Mountain Drowning Pool
Superchrist Gothic Knights
Riot Bleeding Inc
W.A.S.P. Donnerkopf
Marillion De Lirium's Order
Juggernott After Forever
Final Dawn Images of Eden
Dio Wintersun
Potential Threat SF Tearabyte
Lullacry Medusa
Megadeth Age Of Silence
Jamie. St. James Creed
Triumph Betrayer
Of Infinity Miles Beyond
Kings X Impaled
Labyrinth Carina Alfie
Angtoria Wolverine
Diecast Crimson Moonlight
Antares Kaamos
Marduk Axis Of Perdition
Magica Ignitor
Impiety Shade Empire
Nightrage Naglfar
Subterranean Masquerade Dark Funeral
Unshine Nuse
Cannon Mercyful Fate
Lake Of Tears Crystal Fate
Blood Thirsty Demons Overloaded
Sun O))) Forever Slave
Running Wild Ghost Machinery
Thrones Akercocke
Cryogen Chain Collector
Skullshifter Zero Down
Dismember Beecher
Second Shadow Witchery
Poison Beyond Fear
Wolves in the Throne Room Thyrane
Hell-Born Firehouse
Boris Valhalla
Phoenix Mourning Ampast
Hate Profile Abysmal Dawn
Non-Human Level Gorgoroth
Warface Agalloch
Vicious Rumors Wednesday 13
Oblomov Semargl
Rotting Christ Cult of Daath
Lesbian Bed Death Lordi
Escape The Fate Panzerchrist
Gaza Skullflower
Warmachine Blood Tsunami
Diagnose: Lebensgefahr Lost Eden
Lord Belial Old Man's Child
Cruachan White Willow
Chrome Division Pantera
Antigama Trenchfoot
Blut Aus Nord Ulcerate
Funeral Himsa
Keldian Frosthardr
Night Ranger Ost Est Ima
Manilla Road Puscifer
Kiuas Son of Eric
Cursed Winterfylleth
Eighteen Wheels Burning Caliban
Uli Jon Roth Earthen Grave