Tales from the Jugular

(Stephen) King of Metal: His Influence on Hard Music!

By: Eric Compton/Frank Hill/Greg Watson
Published: Friday, October 28, 2016
Full Books: 13

Book List:
. Carrie: 1
. Salem's Lot: 1
. Shining: 4
. The Stand: 5
. Night Shift: 2
. Long Walk: 1
. Different Seasons: 1
. Dark Tower: 12
. Christine: 3
. Pet Sematary: 1
. Cycle of the Werewolf: 1
. It: 4
. Misery: 1
. Tommyknockers: 2
. Other: 2
Stephen King
The Master of Horror
Stephen King is one of the most prolific writers of our modern time with over 350 million copies sold from the 67 novels and books he's published of contemporary horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy.

People like to ask artists and performers, "Where do you get your ideas from?" to try and determine if there is a cosmic mental place they can tap into and pull out substance. The acclaimed author simply says, "I get my ideas from everywhere."[1]

Within his works are many references to bands like the Ramones and AC/DC. King has stated that he likes heavy metal and has named Anthrax, Judas Priest and Metallica as amongst his favorites to write to.[2] Blue Oyster Cult recorded an updated version of its 1974 song "Astronomy" featuring a narrative intro spoken by King.[3]

Without an extensive cataloging of subjects, it's arguable which author has the highest influence on metal, but we grew up with Mr. King and many hard rock and heavy metal band members did as well using some of his subject matter within their own music. So, we have given our pound of flesh and compiled a master list of all the songs we could find related to his books. If we missed any, please email us.

Book: Carrie (1974)
Songs: 1
Band: Ice Nine Kills
Song: Hell in the Hallway
Album: Every Trick in the Book
Year: 2015

Book: 'Salem's Lot (1975)
Songs: 1
Band: Prowler
Song: Return to the Lot
Album: From the Shadows
Year: 2015

Book: The Shining (1977)
Songs: 4
Band: Black Sabbath
Song: The Shining
Album: Eternal Idol
Year: 1987
Band: Beholder
Song: The Overlook Hotel/Mr. Grady
Album: Lethal Injection
Year: 1985
Band: Lizzy Borden
Song: Red Rum
Album: Love You to Pieces
Year: 1985
Band: Prowler
Song: Here's Johnny
Album: The New Blood EP
Year: 2013

Book: The Stand (1978)
Songs: 4
Band: Anthrax
Song: Among the Living
Album: Among the Living
Year: 1987
Band: Metallica
Song: Ride the Lightning
Album: Ride the Lightning
Year: 1984

[4] Lead guitarist Kirk Hammett took the album's name from a passage in Stephen King's novel The Stand.
Band: Nostradameus
Song: Randall Flagg
Album: The Third Prophecy
Year: 2003
Band: Shadow Circus
Song: Captain Trips
Album: Whispers and Screams (Concept Album)
Year: 2009
Band: Spock's Beard
Song: Time Has Come (Beware Of Darkness)
Album: Beware of Darkness
Year: 1996

Book: Night Shift Anthology (1978)
Songs: 2
Band: Prowler
Song: He Who Walks Behind the Rows (Children of the Corn)
Album: The New Blood EP
Year: 2013

Band: In Soulitary
Song: Behind the Rows (Children of the Corn)
Album: Confinement
Year: 2014

Book: The Long Walk [as Richard Bachman] (1979)
Songs: 1
Band: Gods of Fire
Song: The Long Walk
Album: Wrath of the Gods
Year: 2004

Book: Different Seasons Anthology (1982)
Songs: 1
Band: Anthrax
Song: A Skeleton in the Closet (Apt Pupil)
Album: Among the Living
Year: 1987

Book: Dark Tower Series (1982-2004)
Songs: 12
Band: Demons & Wizards
Song: The Gunslinger
Album: Touched by the Crimson King
Year: 2005
Band: Demons & Wizards
Song: Terror Train
Album: Touched by the Crimson King
Year: 2005
Band: Demons & Wizards
Song: Crimson King
Album: Touched by the Crimson King
Year: 2005
Band: Blind Guardian
Song: Somewhere Far Beyond
Album: Somewhere Far Beyond
Year: 1992
Band: Blind Guardian
Song: Carry the Blessed Home
Album: A Twist in the Myth
Year: 2006
Band: Savage Circus
Song: Ballad of Susan
Album: Of Doom and Death
Year: 2009
Band: Eternity's End
Song: The Dark Tower
Album: The Fire Within
Year: 2016
Band: Forever Storm
Song: Gunslinger
Album: Soul Revolution
Year: 2009
Band: Nightwish
Song: The Poet and the Pendulum
Album: Dark Passion Play
Year: 2007
Band: Nightwish
Song: 7 Days to the Wolves
Album: Dark Passion Play
Year: 2007
Band: Luminoth
Song: The Beam
Album: Other Worlds and Allegories
Year: 2014
Band: Mad Hatter
Song: The Gunslinger
Album: Mad Hatter
Year: 2018

Book: Christine (1983)
Songs: 2
Band: Malice
Song: Christine
Album: License to Kill
Year: 1987
Band: Prowler
Song: Death on Wheels
Album: From the Shadows
Year: 2015
Band: Wednesday 13
Song: Christine: Fury in the Night
Album: Horrifier
Year: 2022

Book: Pet Sematary (1983)
Songs: 1
Band: The Ramones
Song: Pet Sematary
Album: Brain Drain
Year: 1989

* The Ramones have referenced King on their song "It's Not My Place (In the 9 to 5 World)", from their Pleasant Dreams album of 1981 in the line: "Ramones are hangin' out in Kokomo / Roger Corman's on a talk show / With Allan Arkush and Stephen King"

Book: Cycle of the Werewolf (1983)
Songs: 1
Band: Arsis
Song: Tricking the Gods
Album: Visitant
Year: 2018

Book: It (1986)
Songs: 3
Band: Savage Circus
Song: It (The Gathering)
Album: Dreamland Manor
Year: 2005
Band: Blind Guardian
Song: Guardian of the Blind
Album: Battalions of Fear
Year: 1988
Band: Pennywise
Song: Pennywise
Album: Pennywise
Year: 1991
Band: Ice Nine Kills
Song: It Is the End
Album: The Silver Scream
Year: 2018

Book: Misery (1987)
Songs: 1
Band: Anthrax
Song: Misery Loves Company
Album: State of Euphoria
Year: 1988

Book: The Tommyknockers (1987)
Songs: 2
Band: Blind Guardian
Song: Tommyknockers
Album: Tales from the Twilight World
Year: 1990
Band: Blind Guardian
Song: Altair 4
Album: Tales from the Twilight World
Year: 1990

Book: Life and works of Stephen King (General)
Songs: 2
Band: In Soulitary
Song: Written to Life
Album: Confinement
Year: 2014
Band: Force of Evil
Song: Disciples of the King
Album: Black Empire
Year: 2005

Total Songs: 41

Full Books: 13

Books with Most Songs:
Dark Tower: 12
The Stand: 5

Years with the Most Songs:
1987: 5
2005: 5

Earliest Year: 1984
Latest Year: 2022

Top Bands:
Blind Guardian: 5
Prowler: 4
Anthrax: 3
Demons & Wizards: 3

[1] stephenking.com
[2] Parker, James (12 April 2011). "Stephen King on the Creative Process, the State of Fiction, and More". The Atlantic. Retrieved 30 April 2015.
[3] Knopper, Steve (26 October 2012). "Blue Oyster Cult's 40th anniversary CD". Newsday. Retrieved 30 April 2015. [4] Grow, Kory (July 28, 2014). "Fighting Fire With Fire: Metallica Look Back on 'Ride the Lightning'". Rolling Stone. Retrieved July 19, 2014.

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. Chrome Division. Spit Like This
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