New Interview with Ingo Powitzer--
Guitar Tech with the Scorpions

9/16/2016 11:56:39 AM by Frank Hill

The Scorpions are currently celebrating their 50th anniversary with a worldwide tour. Locations include: China, Japan, North America, Europe and even Australia will see them for the first time to play down under this year.

Is it as glamorous as it might seem to be touring the world with one of the most iconic German Hard Rock bands? It can be, but it also takes time, dedication and a lot of sweat.

Ingo Powitzer has been the Guitar Technician for lead guitarist Matthias Jabs for over 16 years now. Not only is he in charge of making sure the array of beautiful instruments are well taken care of, but he is also a musician in his own right and plays with the Scorpions on stage as well contributing in the studio.

In a new interview, Ingo talks with Joanne Laroche about getting started, his day, and his tech advice here...
[Full Interview Link]

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