Three New Columns: "The Streaming Metal Option", "Amazon vs Spotify", and the "Maximum Metal Guide to Streaming Music"!
7/29/2016 4:41:29 PM by Frank Hill

As we sit in 2016, would you believe that those stealing media may actually become the minority soon? Physical presentation has reached new heights with bands and labels packaging comic books, videos, bonus tracks, virtual reality content and puzzles; not to mention the vinyl explosion of gatefold limited editions in various colors and sizes. But outside of the physical media lure comes the onslaught of the hook-line-and-streamer music industry. Read Eric Compton's "Streaming Metal Option" here… [Full Column Link]

Two kings have emerged in this Digital Wasteland - AMAZON'S PRIME MUSIC and SPOTIFY. Two of Maximum Metal's scribes are paying subscribers to these streaming services. While many people wouldn't disagree with the fact that SPOTIFY offers more selection and more content than Prime Music, Maximum Metal wants to drill down and look at specific differences between the two and how they relate to Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. Check out our throwdown of the two streaming services here… [Full Column Link]

Maximum Metal saw the conflict and difficulty with purchasing heavy metal and hard rock in the 00s and compiled a feature called "Buying Metal". Now, in 2016, we are launching a new feature called "Streaming Metal", another resourceful list that will compile all of the options available to music fans to stream metal legally either for free or as a paid subscriber. Check out our Maximum Metal Guide to Streaming Music [Full Column Link]

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· Valume Nob· Necrodemon
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· Groundcrew· Blind Stare
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· Resurrecturis· Holy Blood
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