Reminiscing on 90s HuH Magazine!
5/6/2016 1:57:08 PM by Frank Hill

It's 1994. Alternative and grunge rock rules the US. Flannel is the new spandex. Hair product is exiled. Lyrically, no one wants to rock and roll all night. It's the age of spoiled kids croaking in a rocker about boredom.

By then, I've invested time and money into the metallic arts which are back underground and far from dead. I'm chasing European power metal, Bay Area thrash, melodic death and gothic doom. I'm searching bins and racks for black-something. I'm thumbing the mail order catalogs while Store Clerk Jabroni #1 asks Store Clerk Jabroni #2 "Do we carry Mortuary Drape normally?" I special order Mortuary Drape from some pothole in Cambodia with a $5 deposit that will eventually be returned to me a year later when it remains on indefinite backorder.

That little record store episode is the embodiment of metal in the 90s. The heavy stuff was hard to come by and it was even harder to find new bands outside of a handful of World Wide Web sites. There was Metal Maniacs and Metal Circus but in my rural part of the bible-belt only a couple of stores carried those. After the disenchantment of downloading 30 second .wav files online and watching MTV's SuperRock (the horrible substitute for Headbangers Ball), I decided to take a chance and spend some of my Aunt Mabel's hard earned social security money (her annual $50 birthday gift cash) on a music subscription magazine. Huh?

HuH Magazine had arrived.

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Bathory In Flames
Into Eternity LA Guns
Scanner The Great Deceiver
The Haunted White Skull
Karaboudjan Perzonal War
Regurgitate Machine Head
Kalibas Overkill
Seether Iron Maiden
Fozzy Mortician
Firewind Power of Omens
Alchemy X Conquest
Endless Time Biomechanical
Morbid Angel Kilfast
Mourning Beloveth Dream Weaver
Rob Rock Vhaldemar
Stalker Attacker
Krisiun Mother Misery
TNA Yngwie Malmsteen
Construcdead Riot
Babylon Mystery Orchestra Bleeding Inc
Epica Icon And The Black Roses
Nova Lex Marillion
Juggernott Scorpions
Imp Tearabyte
Age Of Silence Dark Ruin
The Lizards Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Made of Iron The 7 Method
Hanzel Und Gretyl John Oliva's Pain
Of Infinity Milkweed
Lost Soul Necrophagia
Sabaton Tarot
Chuck Schuldiner Stormwarrior
Kaamos Boomerang
Bleed The Sky Debris Inc.
Holy Moses Gizmachi
Babylon Burden Of Grief
Pro-Pain Astarte
Vicious Art Subterranean Masquerade
Sentenced Dark Funeral
Unchained Unshine
Dynamic Lights Voyager
Gemini 5 Love Forsaken
Agents Of The Sun Iron Maidens
Nuclear Assault Octavia Sperati
Pagan's Mind Violent Storm
Third Degree Avenged Sevenfold
Ewigkeit The Absence
Paths Of Possession Dechrist
Mistress Mastermind
The Classic Struggle Bronx Casket Company
Zero Down Khold
Virgin Steele Grimfist
Pile of Heads Across Tundras
Naked Beggars Nightmare
Dissection Clawfinger
Pyramaze Ampast
Athanator Speed/Kill/Hate
Dreams of Damnation The Furor
Ensoph Black Crucifixion
Cult of Luna Jotunspor
Unsilent Phenomenon Vengeance
Swashbuckle Hydrogyn
Nachtmystium Paul Bonrud
Psycroptic Skid Row
Burialmound The Abominable Iron Sloth
Amputated Obtest
Cheva Demise
Deicide Kotipelto
Quest of Aidance Skullflower
Hardcore Superstar Threat Signal
Omnium Gatherum In This Moment
Manticore White Wizzard
Nominon Tears
Warner Drive Glorior Belli
David Galas Throneum
Depressed Mode Averse Sefira
40 Below Summer Father Befouled
Trivium Witchfinder General
Blood Haven Armory
Godhead The More I See
End of Man DC4