New Concert Report: Ghost!
11/6/2015 2:53:44 PM by Frank Hill

Halloween/Samhain is the time to pay homage for those who wander beyond the mortal veil. For most of western civilization, it's time to dress up and mess up. But, for Las Vegas, it was time to go to church.

Ghost's gimmick as the orthodox clergy of Satan is so over-the-top, it incites either love or hate. Their adamant adherance to immaculate anonymity in name and face, beyond corpsepaint (or at least as immaculate as possible) can make your eyes pop or roll. Regardless, their image as "clergy" or "clowns," whichever your take may be, have been instrumental to exposing their instrumentals. And Ghost's music is very comparable to their stage set – elegant in design, but brutal in context.

Read T. Ray Verteramo's full report here…[Full Column Link]

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