Getting Stung by the Scorpions: Return to Forever Tour Report!
10/21/2015 6:02:56 PM by Frank Hill

The plan was set; I would attend 10 of the 16 concerts that the Scorpions would play here in North America. Surely, I must have been crazy to even attempt such a thing or maybe just dedicated. The Scorpions have been touring to support their new album, "Return to Forever" as well as their 50th Anniversary. Well, I figured if they could still be touring after 50 years, then I would make an effort to go to as many shows as possible. If anything, the Scorpions are a live band and still know how to get the crowds on their feet.

Their North American tour began in Boston on September, 10th 2015 and ended in Seattle on October 9th, 2015. With a good number of sold out venues, if you listen very closely you can still feel the earth resonate with their rock and roll energy. With Queensryche as their supporting group, this was a tag team to please the mainstream rockers and more progressive types as well.

The Scorpions set list (which remained the same throughout the Canada/USA dates) was a mixture of new songs, a 70s medley as well as their most popular songs. Read Joanne Laroche's full report here…[Full Column Link]

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· Big Dumb Face· BloodDuster
· Carpathian Forest· Poisonblack
· Disturbed· Rebellion
· Regurgitate· Cradle of Filth
· Seven Witches· Usurper
· Ring of Fire· Vaginal Carnage
· Rawhead Rexx· Mortician
· Brainstorm· Goat Horn
· Endless Time· Catch 22
· Malstrom· Beautiful Creatures
· Axenstar· Silent Scythe
· Asperity· Neverland
· Fear Factory· Three Inches of Blood
· Soil· Death Angel
· Yngwie Malmsteen· Exodus
· Ebony Ark· Freakhouse
· Cans· Deep Purple
· David Shankle Group· Lonewolf
· De Lirium's Order· Juggernott
· Devil In The Kitchen· Lilitu
· Dream Evil· Black Destiny
· Wintersun· Occult
· Lullacry· Megadeth
· I.C.E.· Necrodemon
· Mine· Haunted By Angels
· Blind Guardian· Karmakanic
· Angra· Avenue F
· Cryme· Napalm Death
· Mercenary· Feared Creation
· Soilwork· Sabaton
· Vicious Circle· Tarot
· Freedom Call· Soul SirkUS
· Chastain· Kinrick
· Thunderblast· Sinisthra
· Defleshed· Astarte
· Agents Of Man· Sothis
· Communic· Slough Feg
· Testament· Dark Funeral
· Monolithe· Prowler Inc.
· Horna· Frameless Scar
· Impaled Nazarene· Havochate
· Holy Blood· Warchild
· The Atomic Bitchwax· Black Majesty
· Pagan's Mind· Eternal Reign
· Before The Dawn· Armored Saint
· Blood Thirsty Demons· Winterfell
· The Firstborn· Savage Circus
· Paths Of Possession· Even X
· Crystal Ball· Dragonlord
· God Forbid· End of Level Boss
· Nobody's Fool· Brother Hawk
· Powerglove· Katatonia
· Blackmore's Night· Wolves in the Throne Room
· Thyrane· Nightmare
· Steep· Cryptopsy
· Leviathan/Sapthuran· The Smackdown
· Pyramaze· Nicodemus
· Bludgeon· Cult of Luna
· Suzukiton· Smohalla
· Scary Manilow· From the Grave
· Pump· Setherial
· Enochian Crescent· Thy Majestie
· Mastodon· Lesbian Bed Death
· Kotipelto· Lecherous Nocturne
· Urkraft· Centinex
· Warmachine· The Gathering
· Stonegard· Static-X
· Crescent Shield· Old Man's Child
· Zyklon· Grenouer
· Blood of the Black Owl· White Willow
· Satariel· Pentacle
· Rob Zombie· Manes
· Retrospective· Kruger
· Hearse· Fight
· Temple Of Blood· Ensiferum
· Distorted· Dantesco
· Shining Star· Father Befouled
· The Obsessed· Blood Haven
· Straight Line Stitch· Burzum
· Manilla Road· Equilibrium
· The Lamp of Thoth· Celestia
· The More I See· Son of Eric
· Luna Mortis· Wolfgate
· Uli Jon Roth