Catching Up with Metal Traditionalists--Aftershok
3/9/2015 2:31:40 PM by Frank Hill

Pittsburgh traditionalists Aftershok have updated Maximum Metal on their new album and considering the gap of nearly ten years, will Aftershok still burn with that classic metal fire? Mihalovich explains the band's stability regardless of the changes. "Our third CD picks up where 'Burning Chrome' left off. As time goes on you continue to learn, evolve and better create what you want to hear, and hopefully this experience will be reflected in the final product."

Mihalovich is stoically profound on some of the differences and the impact it has on the band's sound in 2014. "Generally, this release continues to stay in the realm of melodic power metal, and I believe that there is a certain recognizable character and spirit that comes across in the music, regardless of some minor stylistic differences in the writing. There are common threads that connect all three discs, and fans of the first two should be able to find something to like in the upcoming one. Hopefully, this will be our strongest and most cohesive collection of songs to date."

Read Maximum Metal writer, Eric Compton's full interview with George here…[Full Interview Link]

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