New Astral Doors Interview!
11/21/2014 5:26:55 PM by Frank H.

For eleven years Sweden's Astral Doors have symbolized the bold essence of traditional heavy metal. With a sound reminiscent of our forefathers like Sabbath, Deep Purple and Rainbow, the band has achieved global success through seven full-length albums. The band's newest, "Notes from the Shadows", is another treasure in the band's illustrious career. Troy Cole spoke with Nils Patrik Johansson about the new album and the group's storied success...[Full Interview Link]

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Demons and Wizards Into Eternity
The Kovenant Loudness
Mudvayne The Great Deceiver
Perzonal War Rebellion
Grave Digger Stratovarius
Deranged Commit Suicide
Solace Overkill
Crematorium Johnny Lokke
Brainstorm Agony Divine
Biomechanical Fireball Ministry
Bloodbath Curriculum Mortis
Victory Dream Weaver
Malstrom Rob Rock
Sinergy Stryper
Guardians Of Time Windseeker
Slayer Defiled
Neverland Shiva
Killik Scala Mercalli
Riot Cans
Messiah's Kiss Amityville Whore
Disarmonia Mundi Edge Of Forever
Metalium Jorn
Ministry Brutal Mastication
Estuary Feinstein
Acrid Joe Lynn Turner
Shadows Fall Beaten Back To Pure
Lullacry Unearth
Theocracy Valume Nob
Marshall Law Jamie. St. James
Dark Ruin Mine
Arch Enemy Acheron
Overlorde Mirror of Deception
Jackyl Karmakanic
Creed Azrael's Bane
Kinetic Motley Crue
Cradle To Grave Image
Entombed Hellfueled
Soilwork Seige of Hate
Sabaton Shatterpoint
Angtoria Nevermore
Cemetary Bleed The Sky
Frantic Bleep Chastain
Swallow The Sun Callenish Circle
Slumber Green Carnation
Astarte Manntis
Slough Feg Voyager
Secrets She Kept Horna
Alice Cooper Nightvision
Thor Morgana Lefay
Scar Symmetry Future is Tomorrow
Loits Orphaned Land
Armored Saint Dirty Americans
Overloaded Forever Slave
Casus Belli Savage Circus
Ewigkeit The Absence
Damnation Balatonizer
Crystal Ball Doomfoxx
Gojira The Classic Struggle
Torture Killer Gorefest
Detonation Hate
Absolution Nobody's Fool
Sepultura Cardinale
Ephel Duath Lair Of The Minotaur
Steep The Berzerker
Clawfinger Cryptopsy
Event Horizon Pyramaze
Hate Profile The Strongest Proof
Apiary Non-Human Level
Sahg Mouth of the Architect
Skyforger The Ruins of Beverast
Zero Hour Death Breath
Setherial The Finals
Wastefall Teeth of the Hydra
Twinball Biolich
Obtest The Showdown
Cheva Blood Tsunami
Cruachan Grenouer
Nagelfar Almah
Satariel Hacride
Glorior Belli JR Ewing
40 Below Summer Gutted With Broken Glass
Blood Haven Bullet For My Valentine
Deadsea Eighteen Wheels Burning
Crown The Lost Suspyre
Dark Castle