New Interview w/ Jason McMaster of United Evil, Dangerous Toys, Watchtower, and Ignitor
11/14/2014 3:38:51 PM by Frank H.

The industry deems Jason McMaster the King of Texas metal. I think that epithet rings loud and clear considering the man's work in and out of the Lone Star. Whether fronting the iconic Dangerous Toys, where he cut his teeth in 1987, or a host of metal bands and projects like Watchtower and Ignitor, Jason McMaster is easily recognized and identified through his charismatic voice. That talented skillset is on full display with McMaster's newest work, the sophomore album from Texas band UNITED EVIL. Troy Cole and I had the pleasure of speaking with Jason about the new album, 'Honored by Fire', and his storied history from the late 80s until now…[Full Interview Link]

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