Interview with Raine Hilai of Midnight Eternal
6/27/2014 4:57:25 PM by Eric

The Greek mythos of the "Phoenix" rising from the ashes is a fair analogy to use when describing the formation of Midnight Eternal. The New York/New Jersey symphonic band originally formed with the intention of writing two songs in March of 2014. Two members of Operatika, Richard Fischer and Boris Zaks, joined forces with Daniel Prestup (Spider Rockets) and Mike LePond (Symphony X) for the recording. The group soon acquired the talents of Raine Hilai as vocalist based on her work with theater and her solo endeavor. The plans of two songs quickly evolved into the formation of a full band. Read our interview with vocalist Raine Hilai...[Full Interview Link]

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Bathory Hate Eternal
In Flames Racer X
Scanner Opeth
Slipknot Big Dumb Face
Carpathian Forest Perzonal War
Twelfth Gate December
Deranged Machine Head
Overkill Seether
Mark Boals Fozzy
Crematorium Masterplan
Wizard Manowar
Dr. Butcher Conquest
Pelican Ion Vein
Agony Divine Paragon
Biomechanical Fireball Ministry
Sevendust Sinergy
Savatage Silent Scythe
Windseeker DevilDriver
Fairyland Yngwie Malmsteen
Superchrist Exodus
Jaw Babylon Mystery Orchestra
Messiah's Kiss Skyfire
Edge Of Forever Gary Moore
Hatework Spiral Madness
Estuary House of Lords
De Lirium's Order Acrid
Joey Belladonna Beaten Back To Pure
Dark Age Tearabyte
Megadeth Z02
Marshall Law Dark Ruin
Silent Force Acheron
Blind Guardian Made of Iron
Tristania Creed
Legion Kinetic
Code Black Ligeia
Entombed Kamelot
Veni Domine Loudblast
Korpiklaani Seige of Hate
Quiet Riot Necrophagia
Labyrinth Soulscar
Suidakra Nevermore
Omegalord Chastain
Pro-Pain Green Carnation
Ivory Knight Mirador
Slough Feg Kult ov Azazel
Voyager Evemaster
Ritual Killer Dam
Impaled Nazarene Edenbridge
Nuclear Assault Painmuseum
Octavia Sperati Dragonia
Monster Magnet Armored Saint
ASG Ignarus
The Firstborn Shattersphere
Savage Circus Gojira
Nocturnal Rites Beecher
Mental Care Foundation Naked Beggars
Cardinale Daylight Dies
Hell-Born Steep
Cryptopsy Leviathan/Sapthuran
Viron Silver Dirt
Warrant (Amer) Cataract
Down Factor Hate Profile
Non-Human Level Suzukiton
Destruction Dendura
Amon Amarth Psycroptic
Agalloch Wednesday 13
Pretty Maids Isis
Satyricon Twinball
Biolich Demise
Kotipelto Centinex
Omnium Gatherum In This Moment
Almah Five Finger Death Punch
The Prophecy Denial Fiend
Glorior Belli Blut Aus Nord
Lipstick Magazine Kruger
Ulcerate Funeral
Randy Ellefson Sworn Enemy
Pathology 40 Below Summer
Aetherius Obscuritas Blood Haven
Burzum Manilla Road
To-Mera Puscifer
Trinacria Alestorm