Interview with Raine Hilai of Midnight Eternal
6/27/2014 4:57:25 PM by Eric

The Greek mythos of the "Phoenix" rising from the ashes is a fair analogy to use when describing the formation of Midnight Eternal. The New York/New Jersey symphonic band originally formed with the intention of writing two songs in March of 2014. Two members of Operatika, Richard Fischer and Boris Zaks, joined forces with Daniel Prestup (Spider Rockets) and Mike LePond (Symphony X) for the recording. The group soon acquired the talents of Raine Hilai as vocalist based on her work with theater and her solo endeavor. The plans of two songs quickly evolved into the formation of a full band. Read our interview with vocalist Raine Hilai...[Full Interview Link]

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Into Eternity Leng Tch'e
Racer X Deceased
Neck Cradle of Filth
Symphorce Iron Maiden
Lamb of God Mortician
Sickspeed Led Zeppelin
H.I.M. Goat Horn
Tungsten Evolution
Byfist Shakra
Curriculum Mortis Kilfast
Evanesce Nordheim
Silent Scythe Drillpoint
Attacker Murdercycle
Fraise Wicked Sensation
Royal Anguish F5
Force Of Evil I Hate Sally
Superchrist Funerus
Scala Mercalli UFO
Messiah's Kiss Disarmonia Mundi
Donnerkopf Edge Of Forever
Low Earth Orbit Fabrizio Bonanno
Krokus Mob Rules
Insomnium Goatsnake
Lilitu After Forever
Killswitch Engage Theocracy
Eternal Flight Annihilator
Jamie. St. James Neurosis
Conquestador Haunted By Angels
Silent Force The Lizards
Ironhorse Rush
Creed John Oliva's Pain
Azrael's Bane Fifth Cross
Legion Milkweed
Code Black Motley Crue
Bloody Sign Cradle To Grave
Gods Of Fire Image
Lost Soul Soilwork
Hibria Heartcry
Soulscar Icarus Witch
Wolverine the missing:
Marduk Oathean
Derek Sherinian Meshuggah
Magica Thunderblast
Callenish Circle Raintime
Grand Magus Throes of Dawn
Shade Empire Groundcrew
Rudra Astarte
Manntis Brand New Sin
Unshine Horna
Sebastian Bach Power Quest
Octavia Sperati Redemption
V:28 Monster Magnet
Crystal Fate Avenged Sevenfold
Balatonizer Vile
Infliction The Classic Struggle
Dogs Of Winter Taunusheim
From This Day Powerglove
The Smackdown The Smashup
Warrant (Amer) Imagika
8th Sin Jotunspor
Vengeance Bloodbound
Azure Sahg
From the Grave Mouth of the Architect
Woodtemple I
Setherial Cult of Daath
Lesbian Bed Death Sathanas
Audrey Horne Escape The Fate
The Showdown Winger
Skullflower Fu Manchu
Dream Theater Manticore
Mindgrinder Almah
Mendeed Satariel
Mithras Pentacle
Antigama Denial Fiend
Lipstick Magazine Throneum
Funeral Randy Ellefson
Keep of Kalessin Pathosray
Night Ranger Pathology
SOS Armory
Embalming Theatre Trinacria
The More I See Papa Roach
Ihsahn Mustasch